Innovation of steam jet ejector to liquid ring vacuum pump

We have a customer in Southeast Asia , who now use a two stage steam ejector technical specification as below:

Suction pressure is 70mbar, suction flow is 235 kg/h vapour and 8 kg/h air, 1 kg/h FFA.

For save energy, reduce emission, reduce cost and improve productivity, EVP Company has brought to replace the existing steam jet by the mature technology of water ring vacuum pump( 2BE1-253 Liquid ring vacuum pump). and made a detailed analysis of the feasibility of the transformation from the technical and economic aspects. After the innovation, it can not only solve or effectively alleviate the problem of shortage for steam in the plant, but also realize the secondary energy recovery and utilization of surplus steam, reducing the cost of the plant.

The key of water ring pump is to control the water temperature, so we suggest to use the close cycle system to replace the steam jet ejector system.

Closed-ring system unit means vacuum pump unit with heat exchanger unit, water-steam separator unit and others unit, to keep the working liquid internal circulation

Innovation of steam jet ejector to liquid ring vacuum pump

Features and Benefits:

1.Wide range of inlet volume, several models body optional

2.Suitable for dealing with toxic and harmful, flammable and explosive gas

3.Choose related electronic control principle to control real-time running of pump

4.The whole machine skid mounted, reasonable and compact design

5.The cycle working fluid is not leaking out, keeping the environment clean

6.Supply lots of special material, including titanium, stainless steel and macromolecule anticorrosive materials.

Keywords: steam jet ejector/ liquid ring vacuum/ water ring vacuum pump

Edited by: Annie Hou / Shanghai EVP Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd

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