EVP Vacuum Solution—- Resin Vapor Evacuating in Vacuum Molding Industry

Rotary vane vacuum pump is top vacuum obtaining equipment in vacuum suction and moulding industry. In China, supposed followed three types of pump are optional: single stage rotary vane vacuum pump, double stage rotary vane vacuum pump with belt driven,double stage rotary vane vacuum pump with direct driven. Among them, EVP recommend the former two pumps as option.

SV- series single stage rotary vane vacuum pump

Advantage: high capacity to achieve 0.1MPa pressure fastly; compact design with samll installation space; donot need installation foundation; small vibration value.

Shortage: its vane uses carbon fiber (or glass fiber for option), the vane would be sticked by resin vapor easily, resulting to rotor stuck or vaneunable to be threw out by rotation impetus.

2X-series two stage rotary vane vacuum pump

Advantage: its vane use cast iron material, on which the condensated resin vapor cannot stick. Besides, the vane connected by spring, hence it is popuped compuslively.

Shortage: big installation space; foundation should be stablized by foot anchor which leads to complicate installation process; big pump (capacity>30L/s) requies cooling water supplied at working site.


Suggested to choose suitable pump according to actual working site. No matter which type is chosen, a filter is necessary to be installed at the air inlet port of pump to prevent the resin vapor entering pump chamber, so that pump’s service life can be prolonged.


Below photo is feedback from one Russian client for reference, who use two sets of double stage rotary vane vacuum pump from unknown supplier.

Here is EVPsolution:

SV100 vacuum pump: sincepump is set on table, SV model suits better. It can achieve T-0.1MPa within 1 minutes when evacuating above two chamber simultaneously.

Filter: to preven resin vapor entering pump chamber

Pressure gauge: user can read the current pressure while in operation

T-cock metal tube for air inlet port: to evacuate two chamber without changing connecting pipeline

Electric switch: users can stop or start pump through it.

Whilst, similar allocation can be provided for 2X series. Below is photo for clients from same industry.

Welcome to contact for any technical support !

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