Vacuum system for PVD Coating Machine

Vacuum pump system have very nice application, for example vacuum coating, vacuum packing, Vacuum furnace, here we will introduce the vacuum system for vacuum coating machine.

Normally we use KT series oil diffusion vacuum pump as main pump, ZJP series roost vacuum pump (roots booster pump) as second stage pump, H series mechanical pump as first stage vacuum pump. Sometime we also use the 2X-A series Rotary vane vacuum pump as holding pump. For example, we use 2 sets KT-800, 1 set ZJP-1200, 4 sets 2X-70A system for Ø1800mm×H2000mm size PVD coating machine. Pls check the difference as below:

1.With 2X-A rotary vane vacuum pump as holding pump.

2.Piston vacuum pump as first vacuum pump

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