What is rotary vane pump characteristics and application ​scope

What is rotary vane pump characteristics and application scope

Feature of the rotary vane vacuum pump

1. Small size, light weight, low noise;

2. The town has a gas valve, a small amount of water vapor can be exhausting; at an ambient temperature of five degrees Celsius to forty degrees Celsius, less than the lower air intake pressure Pa 1.3X103 conditions allow long-term continuous operation, has been pumping gas relative humidity is greater than one hundred when ninety points, should open the gas ballast valve.

3. With automatic anti-return valve oil, easy to start;

The continuous flow of atmospheric air intake operation shall not exceed one minute;

5. Not available for pumping corrosive to metal, to pump oil from a chemical reaction, the gas containing dust particles, and high oxygen, explosive, toxic gases

Know of single stage rotary vane pump

single stage rotary vane vacuum pump is a novel planning more perfect single stage  rotary vane vacuum pump, it can enjoy imported under pressure job. Plan features:

First, the internal pump is equipped with oil mist eliminator can usefully eliminate gas pump discharge oil mist, mist to avoid contamination of the surrounding environment.

Second, at the pump suction port is equipped with a check valve, under the combined effect of the hole when the pump is interrupted within the check valve and pump specifically set up, you can immediately pump and pumping system was isolated, to avoid being drawn back into the oil pump system, together with the true width is drawn stick container, so the use of this type may not need to pump the ocean with a vacuum shut-off valves with deflated, then you can reduce the use of user fees.

Third, this type of vane  pump is equipped with oil separator, which together form the mist eliminator useful silencer system to eliminate exhaust noise, avoid noise pollution.

Fourth, the pump and motor directly connected device, use air cooling, without cooling water pipes, so this type of planning is a compact device concise equipment.

Five, depicting a reasonable plan, small vibration, not bolt to the job.

Six ,single stage rotary vane vacuum pump use: all kinds of food vacuum packaging, vacuum molding rubber and plastics industry, printing industry, paper delivery, vacuum leak all kinds of casting impregnation, vacuum clamps, vacuum monotonous, vacuum disposal in the various vacuum filtration, vacuum dynamic test and hospital operating room, etc. in this type of rotary vacuum suction pump can arrive vacuum range.

single stage rotary vane pump is widely used in food industry,vacuum packing ,material drying,car industry,furnace and plants,chemical,laser technology,medicinal technology,metallurgy,power engineering,space simulation ,vacuum coating ,vacuum loading,elecronnicas semiconductor, scientific research and so on

scope of application

Gas Type: room no other mixture of clean, dry air, and not air containing other dust and moisture.

Requirements: import pressure at greater than 6500Pa continuous working time, not more than three minutes in order to avoid the injection pump damage caused.

Requirements: import pressure at less than 1330pa conditions, allowing long term continuous operation.

Ambient temperature: not lower than the hot sell vacuum pump is generally within 5 ℃ room temperature and not more than 90% of the relative humidity of the environment

Some brief introduction of rotary vane vacuum  pump characteristics and applicable scope.

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