2015 Seventh China Beijing International Heat Pump Technology and Equipment Exhibition

Venue: Beijing Exhibition
Opening Time: 2015-4-2 End time: 2015-4-4
Exhibitors to (Hall): Beijing Exhibition Center
Organizers: China Low Carbon Industry Association
Organizer: Guangzhou, China and Asia Exhibition Services Ltd.

Show Range
Pump: ground source heat pump, water pump, air-source heat pump, sea water pump, water source heat pump, heat pump, low temperature heat pumps, dehumidifiers pump, pump complex, the new heat pump, heat pump dryers, other;
Water Heater: air conditioning-type water heaters, central water heater, hot water boilers, hot water – engineering, air-source heat pump water heaters, ground source heat pump water heater, heat pump water heaters, air conditioners hot one machine, machine pool, fish pond machines, electric water heaters, heat pump water heater machine / device, gas water heaters, electric materials, water heaters, accessories, other;
Pump: pump, corrosion resistant pumps, fuel pumps, centrifugal pumps, sewage pumps, well pumps, whirlpool pump, Francis pump rotor pump, vacuum pumps, reciprocating pumps, fire pumps, diaphragm pumps, feed water pump, water pump, magnetic pump, multistage pumps, slurry type pumps,liquid pumps, drainage pumps, heat pumps, boilers, pumps, cock pumps, mud / sewage pumps, pool pumps, air pumps, power pumps, other;
Address: 306 Bay Road, Tianhe District, Guangzhou City industrial zone of the earth E, 2nd Floor
Accessories: Ultra-low temperature heat pump water heater, water heater general, triple for the heat pump, heat pump heating and cooling units, swimming pool heat pump, heat pump heating special, special application of heat pump (drying, electroplating, ironing, dyeing and other high-temperature applications), ground source, water source heat pump water heaters; hot and cold air units, dedicated heat pump units, auxiliary drying fan, circulating water, aluminum (brick structure) kiln, kiln door (Timon device)
Solar energy: solar hot water project, solar water heaters, solar air conditioning, solar photovoltaic products, solar equipment, solar energy materials, solar other products;
Heating and accessories: fuel gas boilers, electric boilers, boiler, special boiler, gas water heaters and related products and technologies, heating radiators, floor heating, electric heating, electric heating products and technologies, indoor / outdoor fireplace, fireplace accessory products and technology, pumps, valves, temperature, pressure and flow measurement of liquid analytical instruments, a variety of new pipe, compensation, all kinds of insulation, heat insulation anti-corrosion materials, plumbing pipe network equipment….;
Related industrial chain: water and related equipment, ventilation and related equipment;

Contact: Wuqiao
Tel: + 86-20-66636185 13662501557
Fax: + 86-20-28067452
Mail: gzhyzl020@163.com

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