Micro vacuum pump

A wide range of industries use traditional vacuum pumps, which require special vacuum pump oil, lubricants, and oil and gas containing a large amount of fog in the council. With the environmental protection requirements of industrial instruments and human development, the microstate emerges as a no-oil vacuum pump, generally with the following rules:

Vacuum pump price and index are closely related. Vacuum degree index is one of the important indices for countries to pursue, it reflects the corresponding processing, sealing technology, the overall strength of materials science and other fields, but also manufacturers manufacturers profit the important means. Indicators to improve the vacuum, we must have higher seal conditions, so we need to adopt more precise sizes and better performance parts, so the production costs are greatly increased. And the rise in the price index is far greater than the increase in the vacuum.

Of course, rising extraction rates will lead to higher prices, but that is not the case. Therefore, the selection needs to carefully develop the micro vacuum pump time index, the subsequent pumping speed, with the best performance and cost balance.

The micro vacuum pump USES a very precise, because of the sealing element, so its clean working environment condition, temperature parameter, medium composition and so on have higher requirement. Vibration and noise. Vacuum pump pumping speed and higher vibration and noise levels are also greater.


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