Vacuum pump of rubber factory


The mechanical vacuum pump used in the injection molding equipment for the production of rubber sealing rings is expensive to operate and cannot maintain the proper vacuum required in the production process.

The new vacuum pump shall be easy to clean and maintain, reliable and easy to adjust, and reasonable in operation (maintenance) cost. We provide customers with two vacuum pumps, one vacuum generator and one vacuum filter.

Compared with the old mechanical vacuum pump, the vacuum pump features compact size, modular design, easier cleaning and significantly improved performance. In the production process, the simple vacuum degree control improves the product repeatability. In addition, replacing the old mechanical vacuum pump can make more space, improve the working environment and safety of workers.

The vacuum pumping system in the rubber model preformer relates to a vacuum pumping device, including a barrel and a vacuum pump. The barrel and the vacuum pump are connected by a vacuum suction pipe, which is characterized in that: the barrel is provided with a lifting valve, one end of the lifting valve is connected with a vacuum suction pipe, the vacuum pump is connected with a solenoid valve, the solenoid valve is connected with a muffler, and the vacuum suction pipe is provided with a vacuum meter. The utility model has novel structure, good vacuumizing effect and convenient use, and the lifting valve can close the inner cavity of the barrel to prevent the rubber from blocking the pipeline. The following is an introduction to the vacuum pump used in the vacuum system of the rubber model pre molding machine:

Screw vacuum pump

Vacuum pump of rubber factory

Screw vacuum pump of characteristics and advantages

1. No contact between oil or water and process gas, no pollution

2. There are only two screw rotors running in the pump body, and there is no contact between the screws or between the screws and the pump body

3. Spray Teflon anti-corrosion coating on rotor and pump body

4. There is a large pumping speed from standard atmospheric pressure to one Torr range, gas volume range: 85m3 / HR ~ 2700m3 / HR

5. Limit pressure: 5 × 10-2torr

6. Less parts, less space

7. Simple structure, convenient maintenance and low cost

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