Water ring vacuum pump for pump oil requirements

Water ring vacuum pump is suitable for removing gas and water vapor, and the suction pressure can reach 33mbar absolute pressure (97% vacuum). It is in the process of running pumps oil lubrication is needed to better work, of course, not just the pump oil can meet the requirements of equipment, the following us detailed understanding pump oil what conditions should be met.

1. Have certain saturation vapor pressure:

Saturated vapor pressure is the most important index to measure the oil ring vacuum pump. It refers to the pressure of a dynamic equilibrium in an airtight container with a constant temperature.

2. Smoothness:

This is because the wear surface and the appearance fatigue are more prone to wear out condition, is with smooth condition is to have relation. Good performance of water ring vacuum pump oil can help to control the corrosion of wear, and can effectively reduce the degree of wear.

3. Sealing:

The water ring vacuum pump has a great demand for the sealing of the water ring vacuum pump oil. The pump oil needs to have a certain viscosity, and the water ring vacuum pump unit can rotate quickly under low temperature. Under high temperature conditions, the pump oil must have good tightness, so that the pump oil has a low temperature difference.

In addition to the water ring vacuum pumps to pump oil demands for the use of water ring vacuum pump, during this period must add the correct pump oil, to ensure the normal operation, when in use at ordinary times, also should take more attention.


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