Oil-free vacuum pump for thermal transfer printing equipment

Heat transfer printing is a new technology which can transfer the exquisite patterns on the transfer film on the product surface through heat transfer printing and one-time processing (heating and pressure). The formed ink layer is fused with the product surface, which is lifelike and beautiful. It can also fully reflect the product display file. The heat transfer printing introduced from China has been more than 10 years. Printing methods are divided into transfer film printing and transfer processing. Heat transfer printing is divided into billion and heat transfer printing (one is suitable for a large number of printing methods) and digital heat transfer printing (one is suitable for a small amount of products with its own characteristics). Oil free vacuum pump products, as a solution to heat transfer matching vacuum equipment and special research and development.To learn more about the multi application industry, click here.

The reason is that heat transfer manufacturers often encounter vacuum pneumatic problems in the use of heat transfer equipment, resulting in color deviation and positioning deviation. While answering the questions, our factory immediately started to research and develop matching products to solve the vacuum pneumatic shortage of such equipment. After repeatedly discussing and testing with the manufacturer’s technical personnel, and finally implementing the negative pressure adjustment through the vacuum pump, we successfully printed the patterns on the transfer film on the products. The products produced are gorgeous, natural, and very beautiful. We send the samples to you Customers, got a lot of affirmation and increased the order volume.
Oil free vacuum pump products, in the first heat transfer machine R & D matching success, with superior product performance and ultra-high matching degree, quickly to customers with high quality, high production capacity of the industrial effect, also got many heat transfer production enterprises affirmation and support, at the same time, the successful application of oil-free vacuum pump in heat transfer machine, also give oil-free vacuum pump to the printing industry Expanding applications opens up a better future.

Knowledge Classroom:

Is oil-free vacuum pump really oil-free?

According to the definition of oil-free vacuum pump, in order to meet the good environment, its pumping chamber is oil-free. But the mechanical transmission part also needs oil lubrication, such as multi-stage oil-free vacuum pump, claw type pump and screw type dry pump. The bearings of the transmission gears need to be lubricated. The labyrinth seal structure is used to isolate the pump cavity and gearbox. The simple method is to fill dry inert gas between the pump cavity and the parts that need lubrication, or install the seal ring. Most oil-free vacuum pumps are used under low pressure. Labyrinth structure can prevent lubricating oil from entering the pump chamber, but it is possible for gas to pass through, because the gas pressure in the gearbox is not limited. If the gas pressure in the gearbox is greater than the pressure in the pump chamber, the gas pressure in the gearbox will not be limited, If there is a pressure gradient, the oil vapor in the gear box will diffuse into the pump cavity. Therefore, the structural design of the oil-free vacuum pump should be considered carefully. The oil pool in the gearbox should be pre pumped by reducing pressure to control the gas pressure in the gearbox, and the oil pool should be isolated from the pump cavity through the lip seal ring to avoid polluting the pumped gas.

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