Overhaul vacuum pump

When overhaul vacuum pump should these matters must pay attention to!

1. Cut off the power supply and unplug the power supply. The vacuum pump, if on the system, shall be removed from the equipment.

2. Unscrew the oil bolts to drain the oil, and move the belt pulley by hand to release all residual oil in the vacuum pump chamber. Oil should be collected well, generally in the vacuum pump bottom plate under an iron oil pan or disk, etc. (commonly known as square disk) to collect in order to facilitate the future distillation recovery and free from pollution.

3, remove the belt, remove the pulley, key, off the bottom plate, depending on the motor quality (such as heat, dirty, dry grinding noise, vibration, etc.) should be repaired or sent to the electrician wash oil repair.

4. Remove the low vacuum end cover plate (the rear end cover plate is far away from the vacuum pump wheel), and use different tools according to different screws during the disassembly. For general hexagon screws available wrench, hexagon socket screws to use hexagon socket wrench, if necessary to use socket wrench, so that the screw will not be damaged. After screw the beginning cover plate, gently open the end cover plate. If the end cover plate is tightly closed, it should slowly try to open. For example, a file can be used to file a small slot between the vacuum pump cavity and the end cover plate, and then a driver (screwdriver) can be inserted in the slot and tap the handle of the driver. A small hammer can also be used to tap the driver to exit the end cover plate.

5. If the rubber washer is used for sealing, remove the rubber washer and exit the locating pin.

6. Remove the rotor and rotor plate. Usually at the lower end of the rotor, there are two tapped spinners. By twisting the spinners into the spinners, the lower spinners can be easily pulled out. But to pay attention to pull out of the rotor must be pinched with the hand of the rotor, because the rotor by the spring force is larger, it is easy to get out of the hand to fly to the ground or encounter hard objects, touch damaged the blade edges and surface resulting in gratuitous geng

7. Remove the high vacuum end, and take out the high rotor and rotor piece. At this point, the rotor can be removed by pinching the rotor plate and shaft.

8, before starting to dismantle the vacuum pump, it is necessary to know the structure characteristics of the vacuum pump to be dismantled and repaired in advance, and the parts are generally belong to which type of structure. For example, for those parts that belong to the assembly itself, such as the rotor of some vane vacuum pumps, do not remove, can make appropriate adjustments to the surface; If the combined rotor falls into glass chips, metal foreign bodies hurt the cavity or the rotor groove itself has worn out too much, the assembly can be removed, but be careful to remember the assembly method.

9. Check the accuracy, finish and damage of each component. Special care should be taken to check the edges and corners of the rotor for damage and record them. For the business is not familiar with the repair of the vacuum pump, should gradually remember the parts, parts of the original assembly position, make records, in case of reloading remember to make mistakes. At the same time, the parts can not be removed in disorder, piling up, injury, lost. Place it on a square disk, preferably, or in a wooden box and clean to cover with silk.

Overhaul vacuum pump

Overhaul vacuum pump


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