Z series oil ejector booster pump

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Description: Oil booster ejector is also can be called oil booster pump,the working pressure is 10~10-2 Pa,the pump has big pumping speed.
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Operation Principle 
Oil booster pump is one kind of vapor stream pump, using the booster pump oil which under greenhouse saturated steam down under pressure in 5 x 10-3 pa , the large number of oil vapor produce when it is heated to working temperature scary by various nozzle respectively and get high-speed steam flow and as a medium.Medium is pumped into the oil vapor jet, the jet which containing the oil steam is cooled on the wall of the pump body, The pumped oil vapor condensate and return to the bottom, and gas is compressed step by step, and finally be pumped away by backing pump.
The working pressure is 10~10-2Pa,it is a ideal getting equipment for middle vacuum.valve,pipe ,mechanical pump and oil booster pump are the component of a high efficiency system . It can be widely used for all kinds of vacuum furnace in metallurgy and all out gassing draft of vacuum coating and other vacuum equipment.
Our company has rich experience in the theory study, design calculation of oil vapor flow and pump production and testing .we also have our unique characteristics by learning characteristics of foreign oil steam vacuum .because of using widely in many fields, To use and convenient maintenance, the company keep the original in-structure and install dimension and improved the old Z series oil booster pump, besides have the characteristics of booster pump, it also has the following characteristics.
1.The pump core is designed by new structure,work stably,to ensure the ultimate vacuum, pumping speed.The extraction ratio of original structure increase by about 5%.
2.Add oil window, oil inlet and outlet, the oil temperature measuring pinion,,etc;Multiple heater parallel combination form, can change the heater in operation.we also provide different oil temperature controlling overheating protection device.



Z-300 Z-320 Z-400 Z-500 Z-600 Z-630
Pumping SpeedL/s 2400 3500 6000 8500 11000 13000
Ultimate Pressure Pa 5×10-3
Critical Backing Pressure Pa ≥133
Heating Powerkw 12 12 18 27 36 36
Voltage V 380
Pump Oil Oil Booster Pump Oil
Oil Volume kg 20 25 35 42 75 75
Cooling water Volume L/h 360 550 800 1100 1300 1800
Backing Pump Pumping SpeedL/s 70 70 150 150 600 600
Dimension size (mm) H 1374 1483 1650 2100 2395 2515
B 702 725 776 1013 1200 1213
L 1123 1146 1436 1800 2234 2234
NET kg 240 340 580 680 1360 1500
Connection 3phase

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