HFV-7501 High Vacuum Silicone Grease

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Description: High Vacuum Silicone Grease,Good high and low temperature property.
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Good high and low temperature property.


1, Good high and low temperature property.

2, Perfect oxidation and chemical stability.

3, Highly resistant to water and solvents and desirable electrical properties.

4, Optimum molecular weight distribution for the vacuum degree of the system.


1, Applicable to temperature ranges from-40 oC~200 oC.

2, Suitable for rubber-to-metal sealing when vacuum degree reaches 6.0×10-7kpa.

3, Applicable to lubricating and sealing between glass piston and its ground joint when

chemical medium exists.

Typical data

Item/Grade HFV-GS Experimental Method
Appearance Translucent and white Eyeballing
Cone Penetration, 0.1mm(150g,25) 265 GB/T269
Corrosion Test(T2Cooper,100℃,3h) Qualified GB/T7326
Dropping point,℃ 300 GB/T3498
Saturated Vapor Pressure kpa,25℃ 6.0×10-7 SH/T0293
Molecular Weight 1000 SH/T0220 Appendix B

Note: The data above values of typical samples only. Product properties should refer to

actual measurement.

Package:50g/Bottle、12bottles /Box

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