Paper mill pump

Pulping and paper making

High precision and energy saving

In order to continuously achieve high precision paper quality and surface treatment, paper mills need to use high-tech control solutions to optimize total operating costs (TCO). Extreme precision and purity are difficult to achieve in heavy industrial environments, as are pulp and paper industries. Energy efficiency is also an important factor in maintaining competitiveness in an energy-intensive industry that consumes a lot of water.

You can control the speed of the pump and fan to exactly meet the requirements but not exceed the requirements, thereby greatly saving the energy required by the papermaking machine. Accurate machine control allows you to improve process control by accelerating the collection of measurement and monitoring information. Danfoss solutions ensure accurate and fast control response, flexible control system integration, and stable and accurate motor control.

Using solutions to control pumps, fans, and conveyors in all papermaking processes, from pulp stations to pulp dryers, pulp preparation, and from pulp cooking and wastewater treatment to paper surface treatment, increases efficiency and reduces water consumption and operating costs.

Torque and speed control allow the winding to achieve high precision

Continuous web controller and coiler are among the most demanding applications in pulp and paper industry. Ac converters must be able to achieve extremely accurate torque and speed control over a wide range, so the torque resolution for these heavy industry applications must be high enough.

The solution will reliably match the required torque range and resolution, allowing for tighter coiler control and the necessary surface leveling of the label in the correct position. You can expand the packaging station more precisely, and select the location of the reel to neutralize and move the roll, all of which are critical. Precise torque control prevents wrinkling of paper and packaging materials.

To ensure the success of your machine design or transformation of a pulp or paper mill, danfoss expertise in systems control and control system overcontrol, inverter specifications, debugging, switching equipment technology and overall project management.

A large amount of water is used in the pulping process. A large number of ac inverter controlled pumps are needed to supply water for pulping and papermaking processes and to treat effluent from pulping plants.

If not controlled, the lignin removal process of chemical pulp will release large amounts of organic substances into the environment, especially into rivers or lakes. The effluent contains lignin from pulped wood, high biochemical oxygen demand (BOD) and dissolved organic carbon (DOC), alcohols, chlorates, heavy metals and chelating agents, which are also major sources of pollution.

Reduce the impact of wastewater on the environment by closing loops, recovering effluent “black liquor” and using less harmful reagents during pulping and bleaching. Today, chemical pulping plants, especially sulfide plants, operate on a closed loop and are energy self-sufficient, releasing almost no inorganic chemicals into the environment.

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Special pump for paper mill

Paper mill pump
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