Paper plant pump

Pulp and paper pump

Pulp pump with 3 bearing design, continuous process is good, high production efficiency.
It is used to pump chemicals containing solids, and suspended contaminated liquids are widely used in public and civil engineering. ETP, STP and wastewater treatment plants, fertilizer, cement and steel industries. Stock pump, refining pump, fan pump, Centri cleaning pump, return pump, chest pump.

Suitable for paper mill pump.

Paper plant pump

Paper factory pump product description

We are a leading manufacturer, exporter and supplier of paper pumps. These pumps are made of high quality cast iron, brass and other materials from the most reliable suppliers in the market.

In addition to paper pump, what other important equipment?

A paper mill is a factory that makes paper by means of a mechanical assembly line. Papermaking can be divided into two forms: mechanical and manual. The mechanism is continuous on the paper machine, suitable for paper quality of pulp, diluted with water to a certain concentration, in the paper machine network part of initial dehydration, forming wet paper, and then press dehydration, and then dried into paper. Manual is used with bamboo curtain, polyester mesh or copper mesh frame, will be dispersed suspended in the water fiber into wet paper pages, through the press dehydration, and then drying or drying into paper.

Main equipment includes:
1. Pulper
2. Propeller
3, vibrating screen
4. Rinsing machine
5, fine mill
6. Mixer
7, toilet paper rewinding punching machine
8. Paper cutter

What poisonous substances are contained in the sewage of the paper mill

At present, in the pulp and paper production in each link of the wastewater, already has more than 250 kinds of organic matter were detected to identify, in addition to containing a large number of carbohydrates, the conventional organic pollutants (pops) such as cellulose, lignin, also contains a lot of such as chlorinated aromatic, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, such as persistent toxic chemical pollutants, including the natural existence, originated in papermaking process, a toxic dioxins.  analyzed the wastewater from a pulpplant using wheat straw as raw material in China, and found that 12 dioxins were detected in the effluent from the bleaching process, among which,2,3,7, 8-tcdf, 1,2,3,7, 8-tcdf,2,3, 8, 8-tcdd and 1,2,3,7, 8-tcdd were detected, with contents up to 121.5pg/L, 65.3pg/L, 229.5pg/L and 100.5pg/L, respectively. Lucncer and David monitored the pulp mill upstream and downstream changes the pollution of dioxin and furan, a total of 17 kinds of toxic substances are detected, the test results show that the concentration of dioxin-like substances in the swim in the environment have obvious increasing trend, these results are powerful evidence for pulp and paper industry is typical of persistent organic pollutants in water environment important source.

How is paper mill waste plastic granulated?

Smashing all at sixes and sevens plastic in the mill, and then in the extruder extrusion granulation, in extruder head office to add several layers of mesh, recommend 14 x60 purpose is about, and then gives back to the material particles completely can use injection molding tools on the shell, the back material recycling granulation are basically in this way.

Production process and technology:
Raw material cleaning, removing impurity, plastic paper pulping separation, magnetic separation, host plasticizing, a filter – deputy vice machine machine wire drawing forming, cooling, finished product cut grain

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