Oil free vacuum pump for concentrating

In the concentration operation, a fine chemical industry mainly produces carboxylate. The roots water ring vacuum unit was used to obtain vacuum. The vacuum degree of the whole roots water ring unit mainly depends on the vacuum degree of the front pump. The front pump water ring pump mainly relies on water as the working medium. During the working process, the energy consumption is very large, and the vacuum degree is unstable, which also causes a lot of sewage, and the environmental protection pressure is very large Waste a lot of solvent. The vacuum produced by the oil-free vacuum pump is clean and pollution-free, and the Ming agent lost in the concentration operation due to vacuum can be recovered, so the use of this pump can achieve the purpose of cleaning vacuum, energy saving and emission reduction. To give you a detailed analysis of the oil-free vacuum pump in the concentration of the specific application.

Brief description of process flow of oil-free vacuum pump for concentration operation:

During the concentration operation, under the action of vacuum, the distilled n-hexane is cooled by the condenser and then sent to the n-hexane receiving tank for reception. The solvent pumped by vacuum enters the roots water ring vacuum unit, and is discharged together with water from the water ring vacuum pump into the environmental sewage treatment unit for treatment.

When the vacuum produced by the oil-free vacuum pump is used for vacuum concentration, the lost solvent which is not condensed before the pump is pumped out by vacuum and enters the vacuum pump, and the gas is cooled by the condenser and recycled again.


The oil-free vacuum pump is also called dry vacuum pump. There is no medium in the operation cavity of the pump that can recover the gas completely. Because the raw materials of the oil-free vacuum pump blades are mostly made of graphite. If they encounter moisture, they will simply expand and damage. However, the oil-free vacuum pump is dry and clean, which can be used in some places with high environmental requirements. In addition, the power of the oil-free vacuum pump is relatively small, the pressure is small, the vacuum degree is not so high, and the noise is also small, but it does not consume oil, the blades or pistons do not directly touch the liquid delivered, generally there is no special heat dissipation system, and the continuous operation time is not as long as the oil pump.

After the transformation of the project, the vacuum obtaining equipment adopts dry vacuum pump. As the dry vacuum pump belongs to the positive displacement pump, it mainly relies on variable volume compression to do work, and there is no lubricating medium in the working chamber, all parts contacting with the medium are clean, so what medium is extracted during the working process and what medium is discharged, so for the recovered solvent, the dry vacuum pump adds After the spiral wound condenser can achieve more than 98% recovery of the solvent. After the transformation of the project, significant benefits will be created for users, mainly reflected in three aspects: first, the sewage treatment on the dry vacuum pump surface solves the environmental protection pressure; second, the solvent wasted by the previous roots water ring unit can be recovered to about 98% after the adoption of the dry vacuum pump; third, the energy consumption (water and electricity) of the dry vacuum pump is significantly reduced compared with the roots water ring unit Low.

Compared with roots water ring unit, the vacuum degree of dry vacuum pump is high, and a single pump can replace the vacuum degree of roots water ring unit. At the same time, the operation cost is greatly reduced in power consumption. The water ring pump relies on water to do its work, and the water consumption is very large every day. The dry vacuum pump is energy-saving and environmental friendly. While the water ring pump makes a lot of sewage treatment, it also wastes a lot of organic solvent. The dry vacuum pump not only solves the problem The pressure of environmental protection creates significant economic benefits for users in the secondary recovery of solvent.

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