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What are the main targets that liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturers strive to pursue?

Liquid ring vacuum pump working principle

A device that uses fluid to transfer energy and mass to obtain vacuum, uses water with a certain pressure to spray out through nozzles symmetrically and uniformly distributed into a certain side slope, and converges on a focus. Because of the high velocity of jet water, the pressure energy is changed into velocity energy, which reduces the pressure in the suction area and creates a vacuum. A number of high-speed water flows will be grabbed by the aspirated gas, which will be fully mixed and compressed through the contraction section of Venturi tube and throat diameter to exchange the molecular diffusion energy, and the velocity will be balanced. In the expansion section, when the velocity is reduced and the pressure is increased, the non condensable gas will be ejected when the pressure is greater than the atmospheric pressure and injected into the water storage tank (pool) from the outlet. Water is recycled by centrifugal pump to complete suction process.

The vacuum index of liquid ring vacuum pump is the main index that manufacturers all over the world strive to pursue. It reflects the overall strength of the corresponding machining, sealing technology, material science and other fields, and is also an important means for manufacturers to obtain profits. In order to improve the vacuum index, we must have higher sealing conditions, so we need to use parts with more accurate size and better material performance, so the production cost is greatly increased. And the increase of price is much larger than that of vacuum index. Of course, the increase of pumping rate will also cause the price to rise, but the increase is not large. Therefore, when choosing the liquid ring vacuum pump, we need to carefully consider the vacuum degree index, the pumping rate index, the use of their own situation, etc., so as to give the best consideration to the use performance and cost. Because the liquid ring vacuum pump uses very precise sealing parts, it has higher requirements on the working environment, such as cleaning conditions, temperature parameters, medium composition, etc.


Professional liquid ring vacuum pump manufacturer

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