Electric Power plant

Electric Power plant use vacuum pumps

2BE1-353-0BY4-Z Model Liquid ring vacuum pumps and vacuum air pumping system can be used to maintain the vacuum and vacuum generation of condenser two processes.

Vacuum stage, the initial pumping steam in the condenser has not been introduced when vacuum draws air and other non-condensable gases in the condenser; vacuum maintenance phase, in the condenser operation, EVP pump continue to work with out of dry air leak, condenser backpressure maintain optimum operating point, ensure efficient operation of the turbine, improving the thermal efficiency of the plant. Optimized selection EVP 2BE, 2BW series liquid ring complete unit to meet the user reliably in a variety of complex working conditions.

Vacuum suction
In this regard, EVP vacuum pump used in the power plant cooling water system always maintains a siphon, so that cooling water circulation pump can be maintained at the design flow rate of work, the lowest power consumption. EVP liquid ring pump, in this regard is the ideal choice.

Flue gas desulfurization
When flue gas desulfurization gypsum slurry will produce, use vacuum belt filter dewatering, form gypsum products; some impurities, water vapor, and a small amount of water into the filter pump will produce, EVP liquid ring pumps using water as the working medium and there are large gaps between components, can effectively be able to run well in the conditions, meet customers, is an ideal choice.

Ash conveyor

Using fluid delivery in a way to pass from the vacuum cleaner the ash funnel to the central collection point drying. The main advantage of this delivery system is that: due to fly ash pass under vacuum, any leakage air enters are accompanied, and fly ash do not drain out. EVP liquid ring pumps have the ability to withstand the fly ash into the pump, is the best choice of transportation equipment.

Turbine exhaust duct sealing
Steam turbines sealed tube shaft seal to avoid leakage of air inside. These sealed tube steam sealing. In order to achieve its design performance, must continue to use the EVP liquid ring pumps to remove excess steam and condensate.

Vacuum exhaust
Before entering the boiler water system must be exhaust treatment, usually performed degasser. Place on a NASH vacuum degasser apparatus, water flows through the formulation EVP vacuum means, before entering the system to remove all dissolved gases.

Discharge to heat
And condenser exhaust similar to the hot exhaust including steam discharged from the condenser air space and other non-condensable gases. However, the geothermal power plant, steam is used to drive the turbine from the earth, containing a large amount of corrosive gases. Must be taken as the most effective way to these gas emissions.

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