PVC Production Application

Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) is a popular, versatile polymer used in many different products, including water pipes,toys, and shower curtains. PVC is typically composed of resins, stabilizers, pigments, and plasticizers. Plasticizers soften the polymer, aid in the manufacturing process, and provide form and function to various PVC materials.

Vinyl chloride gas extraction and compression
When the PVC is produced, liquid vinyl chloride is pressurized to polymerization in the autoclave and polymerized PVC is formed.The gaseous monomers that are produced as a result are pumped,compressed and liquefied under vacuum.
2BV Series Water ring vacuum pumps or vacuum systems can be widely used in this process.For example,in PVC production line applications:

The functions of each parts of for PVC pipe production line equipment
(1) Raw material mixture: It is refering to PVC stabilizers,plasticizers,antioxidants and other accessories,according to proportion and technology process added to the high-speed mixer,the friction material and the material mechanical self-heating to the set process temperature, and then the cold mixing machine the material down to 40-50 degrees;So you can be added to the hopper of the extruder.
(2) Extruder parts: The machine is equipped with dosing device, so that out of the amount can be matched with the feeding quantity, to ensure stable extrusion products. Because of the characteristics of the conical screw, feed zone has a larger diameter, the material and the shear rate of the heat transfer area is relatively large, is conducive to plastics materials, small diameter metering section of the screw, reducing the heat transfer area and the melt shear rate, the melt can be extruded at a lower temperature. When rotation of the screw barrel, push the head after the plasticized PVC compound to achieve compaction, melt-kneading a homogenizer; and to achieve exhaust, dewatering purposes. Feeding device and screw drive with frequency control, enabling synchronous speed
(3) Extrusion die part: After compaction, melt-kneading homogenized PVC, there is a subsequent screw into the material through the die, the extrusion die is molded by Key pipe member.
(4) Vacuum calibration tank: it’s used for sizing and cooling.It’s equipped with vacuum cooling systems and water circulation systems and stereotypes and cooling, stainless steel cabinet, circulating water spray cooling, vacuum calibration tanks also equipped with mobile devices and around so, manual height adjustment device.
(5) The tractor is used continuously, automatically cooled to harden lead pipe out from the head office, frequency control.
(6) Cutting machines: the stroke length control switch after the request for automatic cutting and turning frame delay, the implementation of water production, cutting machine to set long-term workers switching signal for instructions to complete the whole process of cutting, the cutting process and pipe running to keep pace, the cutting process is completed by the electric and pneumatic drive, cutting machine is equipped with vacuum devices, cutting debris generated promptly sucked out and recycled.
(7) Stacker stacker action by the cylinder is achieved by pneumatic control, stirring set up a stopper, when cutting saws cut pipes, pipe continued delivery, after the delay, the cylinder into the work to achieve turn material movement, to unloading purposes. After unloading automatically reset after a few seconds delay, waiting for the next cycle.

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