The Application of Mechanical Vacuum Pump In Salt Making Industry

The successful operation of the liquid ring vacuum pumps in salt making has proved that the vacuum degree can meet the need of vacuum systems and the operation is stable and energy saving is obvious,which is of reference for the colleagues.

The production of vacuum salt
The solar salt still contains various impurities,which the vacuum process removes. The salt is dissolved in pure water and treated to remove impurities, after which the water is evaporated off by passing the solution through three chambers at progressively lower pressures. This forms a super-saturated solution from which salt precipitates, forming a slurry that is dried by centrifuging and fluid bed drying. This salt has a variety of uses in the food and pharmaceutical industries.

In the vacuum salt production, the most effective way to improve production is to increase the heat transfer temperature difference.Which have two methods: One is to improve the first steam pressure and the second is to reduce the effect vacuum degree in end stage. Due to the boiler efficiency,power generation and other factors in the first steam pressure, So,it’s difficult to realize it while the independent vacuum systems could be realize it in a maximization.And this vacuum systems can also become the key to reduce the cost of whole vacuum salt cost.
Vacuum system is generally used in salt industry mixed condenser to cool effect at the end of the second steam condensation, and after mixed condenser of the non-condensable gas processing according to the water around, steam, electricity supply adopted different ways to eliminate.The purpose is to reduce costs in order to obtain a higher vacuum degree. Generally used below vacuum pumps up to now: reciprocating pumps,water jet pumps,steam jet pumps or stem jet vacuum systems.

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