Water ring vacuum pump used in dyeing industry

In cloth dyeing process, we often use this link vacuum dehydration, water ring vacuum pumps in the vacuum dehydration plays a very important role, because the fabric after dye, redundant dye separation and the fabric must be dry, the best way is to use modern vacuum stick, this process is called vacuum dehydration, vacuum dehydration has the following advantages:

(1) the adjustable dye dosage, control fabric color

(2) Energy saving, high efficiency, rapid dyeing cloth line

(3) excess dye can be recycled, saving and environmental protection

Process of dyeing and finishing industry, there are some steps: liquid ring vacuum pump piled into the cloth washing shock washing into the cloth

Dyeing and finishing industry private water ring vacuum pumps are: 2 BE series, 2 BV series, SK series, etc.(according to different requirements, selection of different)

The benefits of 2BE series liquid ring pump large steam can be directly pumping water content, high efficiency, energy saving, firm structure, durable.

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