Water ring vacuum pump unit used for Petrochemical or chemical industries

Vacuum system and the vacuum compressor system can handle intake airflow, explosive gas mixture, dirty friction variables such as gas mixture and unpredictable airflow. EVP has a unique comprehensive scope of supply, including vacuum pump, such as rotary vane vacuum pump , rotary piston vacuum pump , liquid ring vacuum pump etc , vacuum compressor and complex system, suitable for a variety of petrochemical industry system application.Usually, according to the customer’s requirement , EVP can provide a variety of functions together integrated system, and provide evp proprietary technology consulting.

Gas recovery
In the field of oil and gas industry, in the place where gas is discharged into the atmosphere, both upstream production and downstream refining, gas recycling is the process of the

recovery of hydrocarbon gas storage tank.Gas recovery by removal of vacuum, from tanks of compressed gas.Through the adoption of liquid ring pump, can be recycled, liquefaction, and recycling ethane gases.For this purpose or use rotary vane vacuum pumpor compressor in the process, including through the separator separation of non-condensable gas and the

gas compression to sales line for distribution.

Methane gas recovery
Gas recovery can be described as refining sewage system or in the production of gas recovery.Because of its composition, the gas is usually considered a waste gas.Due to the HC gas

contains a lot of, these gases usually has to be burned.

EVP vacuum pump, vacuum system and compressor (including corrosion resistant series) is widely used in the field of petrochemical/chemical, far more than the above a few kinds.Also includes the recycle gas compression , pressure swing adsorption (PSA) , liquid chlorine production of acetylene, flammable and explosive gas such as hydrogen compression

Crude oil vacuum distillation tower in the vacuum system, chlorine and other toxic and corrosive gas compression, vacuum crystallization, drying, vacuum filter, vacuum conveying of various materials, etc

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