Roots blower

Roots blower (also known as booster pump)

Three-lobe Roots blower, also known as booster fan, booster device, booster pump.

1. Working principle
The working principle of the three-lobe Roots blower: Two three-lobe rotors are arranged in the cavity, and suction and discharge ports are opened on both sides of the cavity. Through the action of a pair of synchronous gears, the two rotors rotate in opposite directions. Relying on the mutual engagement of the two rotors, the suction port is isolated from the discharge port, and the gas in the cavity is pushed to achieve the purpose of blowing.

2. The installation requirements of the blower
(1). The foundation should be firm, the surface should be flat and 10-25cm above the ground.
(2). There must be enough space around the blower to meet the needs of maintenance and disassembly.
(3). The working environment temperature of the blower should not exceed 40 degrees Celsius. If it exceeds, measures must be taken to cool down, otherwise the service life of the blower will be shortened.
(4). When the blower is configured outdoors, please install a rain shed.

3. Pipeline requirements
(1). The blower ducts should be tightly connected, no air leakage, and brackets should be installed at appropriate positions.
(2). The pipe material should be able to withstand the exhaust temperature and pressure. (Try to use steel pipe)
(3). The inside of the pipeline should be clean and free of foreign matter to prevent debris from entering.
(4). A one-way valve should be installed on the pipeline to prevent the high-pressure backflow gas from entering the blower due to the reversal of the blower and causing damage to the blower. Note: The check valve should be installed on a horizontal pipeline.
(5). When multiple blowers are running in parallel, gate valves must be installed on each branch pipeline (the pipeline can be cut off when one blower is overhauled).
(6). A drain valve should be provided on the pipeline to prevent the blower from starting with load. The blower should be started without load before gradually closing the drain valve. When running under load, when shutting down, open the exhaust valve to confirm that the blower is not under load, and then shut down the blower.

4. Precautions before starting
(1). Check whether the connections such as anchor bolts are firm.
(2). Remove foreign matter such as welding slag in the pipeline.
(3). The valve must be fully open, otherwise the blower will be overloaded and the blower will be damaged.
(4). Check and add gear oil. When leaving the factory, the oil tank has been filled with gear oil, please check the oil level in the gear box. In the shutdown state, just add to the center of the oil window, do not add more, otherwise it will cause oil leakage.
(5). Fill the bearing with butter. The fan operates normally, and it is refilled once or twice a week depending on the actual working conditions.
(6). Check the tightness of the narrow V-belt and the deviation of the pulley. The deviation of the pulley can be adjusted with a straightedge. The elasticity of the belt can be adjusted with reference to the table below. After using for a period of time, the belt will become loose, and you need to readjust it at this time.
(7). Check whether the power supply voltage and frequency conform to the nameplate parameters on the motor.
(8). Check the direction of the pulley. When looking at the pulley, the direction of the pulley must be consistent with the rotation mark arrow.
(9). Turn the pulley by hand before starting, if there is no abnormality, start the blower.

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