Rotary vane vacuum pump for sprinkling irrigation on sloping land

Rotary vane vacuum pump has been widely used in sprinkler irrigation projects in well irrigation area. For example, the semi fixed pipeline sprinkler irrigation mode in well irrigation area, which is represented by large-area grain field sprinkler irrigation, is a typical sprinkler irrigation device composed of well submersible electric pump, fixed plastic main pipe and moving thin-wall aluminum pipe. The advantages of vacuum pump have been widely known, but the surface water is the source of water and the irrigation area is large At present, there is no precedent of using vacuum pump in sprinkler irrigation project. Is it necessary to select vacuum pump in these places, especially in slope irrigation project with complex terrain? What are the technical problems if vacuum pump is selected? In view of these problems, combined with the characteristics of rotary vane vacuum pump, some discussion and analysis are carried out.

Rotary vane vacuum pump is one of the main pumps to obtain low and medium vacuum pump. It can be divided into oil seal pump and dry pump. According to the required vacuum degree, single-stage pump and double-stage pump can be used, and the two-stage pump is more widely used. The rotary vane pump can pump out the dry gas in the sealed container, and a certain amount of condensable gas can also be pumped out if there is a gas stabilizer. However, it is not suitable for the removal of gases with high oxygen content, corrosive to metal, chemical reaction to pump oil and dust particles.

In view of the strong adaptability of sprinkler irrigation to terrain, slope land does not need to be strictly leveled to spray irrigation, and can adjust the field microclimate to create the most suitable ecological environment for crop growth, which is a suitable irrigation method for slope land. In addition, slope sprinkler irrigation is also an effective soil and water conservation engineering application. On the one hand, sprinkler irrigation can ensure soil and water conservation (planting trees and grass) measures It is not only the development of tea, fruit and other economic forest planting industry, but also an effective way to achieve soil and water conservation and protect the benign cycle of ecological balance. It can be seen that the popularization and application of slope sprinkler irrigation is imperative.

Single type vacuum pump

Advantages of rotary vane vacuum pump for sprinkler irrigation on sloping land

In view of the advantages of submersible electric pump, such as strong power, stable performance, durability, maintenance and easy maintenance, etc., from the characteristics of southern slope irrigation project, it can be seen that the rotary vane vacuum pump has obvious advantages in the following occasions.

When taking water from rivers and reservoirs with large variation of water level, double-layer pump house, pump ship, shaft type dry room pump house and cable car pump device (or pump house) are often adopted according to local conditions. These measures need to greatly increase the investment of pump station project, or the operation, storage and maintenance are not convenient, or the operating environment is not good. In this case, the use of rotary vane vacuum pump will have obvious advantages, which is exactly the same as that of other water intake pump stations.

Practice has proved that the application of rotary vane vacuum pump in slopeland sprinkler irrigation project not only has obvious economic benefits, but also shows good social benefits. Our vacuum pump can also be used for multiple purposes, or the same vacuum pump can be used for irrigation of different crops and different sprinkler irrigation systems, or the same vacuum pump can be used for both irrigation and drainage, so as to maximize the utilization rate of equipment.

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