Roots blower for material handling

Roots blower is a kind of rotary blower. Its characteristic is that the flow rate does not change with the pressure, and the pressure can be adjusted within the allowable range required by users.

Roots blower has the advantages of forced gas transmission (compared with speed fan), oil-free medium, simple structure, easy manufacture and convenient maintenance. Therefore, roots blower is widely used for various gas transportation, blast in small blast furnace, cupola and cement kiln. In recent years, roots blower has been widely used in fluidized bed technology to improve the chemical reaction rate.

Roots blower is suitable for medium and small displacement and low pressure ratio occasions. The general displacement is 1-250m / min, and the maximum is 1081m3 / min. the single-stage pressure ratio is usually less than 1.7 and the maximum is 2.1.

Roots blower for material handling

The pneumatic source of material conveying system roots blower has advanced technology, advanced CAD aided design, research and development and professional precision production of high-quality, low noise, new generation of energy-saving products, This product has the characteristics of reasonable structure, small volume, high pressure rise, high efficiency, large air volume, low noise, stable operation, excellent performance, long service life and simple maintenance. This paper introduces the application of Roots blower in feed industry, and roots blower is used in feed industry processing, which is mainly used for feed conveying and drying

The selection of Roots blower used in material conveying system, material conveying and feed drying all depend on your quantity, Conveying needs to provide specific gravity, conveying capacity, pipe diameter, height, distance and other parameters. Drying needs to provide water content, drying capacity and so on. With these parameters and professional technical calculation, we can provide users with accurate model and required motor power.

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