Roots blower for oxygen supply in fish ponds

The roots blower is used for oxygen supply in fish ponds. It is used for feeding and mixing various fishes and crabs, as well as in aquariums and live fish tanks. This kind of underwater microporous aeration fan is roots blower. It has aeration plate aeration and aeration pipe aeration. It is connected to roots blower through pipeline, so as to aerate fish pond. Compared with the impeller aerator, the roots aeration aerator has the following advantages: firstly, the aeration effect is more obvious than that of the impeller aerator. The underwater aerated aerator can not only supply the oxygen needed by fish, but also promote the up and down convection of the pool water, increase the dissolved oxygen at the bottom, reduce the harmful substances such as hydrogen sulfide and ammonia at the bottom, and promote the oxidation and decomposition of organic matters in the tank. Aeration aerator can effectively improve the living environment of fish, so as to improve the fish body constitution and feed digestion and absorption capacity, and then improve the aquaculture yield.

Roots blower for oxygen supply in fish ponds

In the aquaculture industry, many people in the use of aerators, there will be such a demand: good oxygenation effect, energy saving, safety and rest assured, which are the issues we often consider when we do aquaculture. Then what are the outstanding advantages of Roots blower for fish pond oxygen supply in these aspects?

1. Advantages of oxygen enrichment effect
Roots blower with aeration pipe can promote the full integration of air and water, make the oxygen filling effect of the pond greater, ensure as much air as possible dissolved into the water, and increase the oxygen content of the pool. In this regard, Roots fan aerator is more effective than other types of aerators. The aeration pipe of aeration plate is installed at the bottom of the pool, and the air can be dissolved effectively when it is exposed to the water surface. The aeration equipment suspended on the water surface is quite weak in this respect, and the dissolved oxygen area is relatively uneven.

2. Advantages in energy consumption
The roots type aerator can save about 30% energy than other types of aerators when the type selection is accurate.

3. Advantages in security performance
The installation performance is reflected in the safety of Roots blower itself and aquatic animals. Because roots blower is installed on land, under the condition of reasonable installation, its service life is relatively long, and it will not pollute the water quality, and will not derive other harmful substances. Compared with wheel aerator and water wheel aerator, roots blower has no relatively violent mechanical movement, which will not produce mechanical damage to aquatic organisms, and also ensure the safety of aquatic organisms.

4. Activating water quality
Because of the way of oxygen supply, roots blower in fish pond works as if the water body is transformed into a dynamic water flow, which drives the whole pond and establishes a balanced ecosystem for the pond.

5. Improved breeding efficiency
Fish pond roots blower oxygen supply system to achieve the ecological farming, guarantee the breeding benefit, continue to make up for broken microporous aerator provides a plenty of dissolved oxygen, water water self-purification ability was restored to ascend, bacteria and algae natural balance, construct the natural ecology of the water body, the viability of the breeding population stability, water product of survival rate, survival rate, output will increase, dahua chemiacl breeding benefit.

6. Convenient maintenance
The roots blower system of fish pond oxygen supply is more simple to maintain and more convenient to use. Under reasonable use, it can be used for 10 years. This is why more and more breeding bases and farmers choose to adopt microporous aeration aeration system. For large-scale aquaculture base, a better choice.

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