Roots blower for power plant desulfurization

By comparing and analyzing the long-term effectiveness of the two main methods, the selection of Roots blower can provide scientific basis and decision support for the selection of fly ash stabilization technology. The connecting pipes of the primary and secondary fans are composed of coolers to cool the medium (air). Machine operation, safety is very important. When the impeller rotates, there may be a large error, which may lead to the failure of Roots blower. Why do you release this heat? Sealing problem, if the seal is exposed to high temperature for a long time, it will lose sealing effect and cause gas leakage.

Although it is an auxiliary device, it is very important. Once the fault causes the whole production line to stop, the quality of Roots blower can only guarantee good operation. What is the oil change interval of the three blade roots fan? The oil change cycle of the three leaf Roots fan is divided into: the three leaf Roots blower purchased from the new equipment initially. After one month of trial operation, the gear oil shall be completely replaced. The choice of the three leaf Roots blower must be strict and serious, to help customers or themselves.

In order to fully oxidize the calcium sulfite slurry into calcium sulfate, the desulfurization oxidation fan is specially set in the flue gas desulfurization unit of thermal power plant to guide the air into the absorption tower. Due to the high pressure requirements, the oxidation fan generally adopts Roots blower. According to the liquid level of absorption tower, i.e. the demand of fan head, it is divided into primary oxidation fan and secondary oxygen weathering.

Side Channel Blowers Used for Hopper Loader Conveying System

1) During the installation stage, pay attention to the cleaning of the pipe orifice. Welding slag and sundries are not allowed to enter the fan, otherwise the blade may be damaged. There is a sentence in the general manufacturer’s instructions that “the size of medium particles shall not exceed half of the small working gap of the fan”. The working gap is very small, and the sundries are far larger than this size, especially when the steel head enters the interior, serious equipment failure will occur.

2) During commissioning, generally, the no-load shall be operated for a short time, generally 30 minutes. Empty load is to open the emptying valve (pressure relief valve), and the pressure relief valve can be closed for loaded operation after the machine is OK.

3)For the secondary oxidation fan, the intercooler is set, that is, the air comes out from the primary fan and passes through the intercooler before entering the secondary oxidation fan to reduce the air temperature at the inlet of the secondary fan. If the cooling effect of the intercooler is not good, the temperature of the secondary oxidation fan will be higher. Therefore, during the commissioning and operation, the cooling water of the intercooler shall be smooth and sufficient flow. The intercooler is generally controlled below 40 ℃. In some projects, the pressure gauge is installed on the cooling water pipeline, but the flow is actually concerned. The water meter or flow direction indicator can be used.

4) Noise. The noise problem of oxidation fan is a common problem in most power plants in China. In order to reduce the noise, an acoustic enclosure is often set outside the fan. But the entrance and exit are outside the acoustic enclosure, which can not solve the noise problem fundamentally.

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