Roots blower installation and adjustment

Roots blower is simple in structure and not complicated in installation. Operate according to the product manual provided by the manufacturer. Pay attention to safety in the construction process. If you encounter any confusion during installation, contact the manufacturer for guidance, so as to ensure the smooth operation of Roots blower.

Technical preparation. Prepare the installation instructions, dimension drawings and other data of Roots blower in advance, and formulate the installation technical requirements, installation method, installation sequence, handling method and other auxiliary tools. Site preparation. The construction site must be ready for the installation of tools, measuring instruments, other tools.

Foundation preparation:

(1) Check the foundation. The inspection contents include whether there are obvious cracks, voids and cracks on the external surface of the foundation, the main dimensions of the foundation components, the depth and verticality of the foundation screw hole.

(2) Prepare the fixture of the support chord line, place it on both sides of the longitudinal axis, determine and mark the height of “unit center”. According to the center of the unit, check the longitudinal and horizontal position of the foundation screw hole and the center line with the tools and plumb hanging on the chord line. Mark the center axis of the foundation with chalk on the foundation surface with a plumb hammer, and then use the wedge-shaped hammer to process the foundation at roots Place wedge blocks at the four corners of the blower.

Roots blower used in flour mill

Open box acceptance. Check the parts and components of Roots blower according to the cargo list to see if there are any missing items or damage caused by transportation; remove the protective objects on the parts, check whether there are foreign matters inside the air outlet, clean and wipe them dry, and blow them with compressed air, and check whether the connection of each part is tight; rotate the roots blower by hand, and it shall be flexible without metal impact or friction. Before installation, use forklift to transport roots blower and parts to the designated location on site.

Roots blower installation. First install the fan. After the fan is installed, install the inlet filter, so that the whole host is installed. The main engine should be installed on the cement foundation, which should be higher than 30cm above the horizontal ground.

Pressure gauge installation. The pressure gauge is installed at the outlet. The position of the pressure gauge will be reserved at the outlet of the high-pressure three leaf roots blower. If our pressure gauge is not installed, we can see the outlet position, which is obvious.

Safety valve. The safety valve is also called pressure relief valve. When the pressure exceeds the rated value, it will automatically open to reduce the pressure on the fan, so as to protect the fan. Elastic joint. The flexible joint is also called soft connection. The main problem of soft connection is that the pipe is not on the same horizontal line with the fan outlet, which plays the role of linking in different positions. The soft connection can also reduce the vibration of the fan and the noise of the outlet fan. Outlet silencer. The effect of reducing noise is that some customers don’t install mufflers and connect pipes directly. This mainly depends on their own working conditions.

Roots blowers

(1) During installation, first check the body and make sure that there are no foreign matters. If there are any, they should be removed in time; thoroughly remove the rust, welding slag and other impurities in the pipeline, and then connect with roots blower to ensure that there is no air leakage on the joint surface of each flange.

(2) Put roots blower and motor together on the foundation, and align and center the correct position of Roots blower and motor according to the motor and the two half couplings on Roots blower and unit center line. The error between Roots blower axis and motor axis must be ≤ 0.2/1000mm. Use wedge-shaped flat pad iron to conduct horizontal alignment of the unit. After adjustment, place the anchor bolt and pour it into the ground For the concrete of the foot bolt hole, after the concrete is dried and leveled, the wedge-shaped inclined pad iron shall be placed in the anchor bolt respectively, and the level shall be adjusted and tightened.

(3) Adjust the gap between the components of Roots blower and make records, which is conducive to the maintenance work in the future.

(4) The inlet and outlet pipes of Roots blower shall be clean and free of any foreign matters, and shall be supported by pipe support. The weight of Roots blower shall be strictly prevented from being pressed on the roots blower, so as not to affect its installation quality. When the roots blower is turned by hand, it shall rotate flexibly without metal impact or friction.

(5) Install the pressure gauge on the straight pipe near the inlet and outlet of Roots blower. When roots blower is in overload operation, the pressure gauge should be able to reflect.

Roots blower for material handling

(6) The current and voltage meter should be installed on the power supply of the motor to check the load of the motor and avoid burning the motor due to overload.

(7) During installation, it is not allowed to damage the assembly clearance of Roots blower; after installation, the rotor of Roots blower should rotate flexibly without collision and friction.

(8) Before the water inlet of cooling water, the regulating valve should be installed at the water outlet.

(9) The check valve must be installed on the outlet pipe of Roots blower, so as to avoid tripping and high-pressure gas backflow caused by sudden power failure or overload operation, so as to protect roots blower. The check valve must be installed on the horizontal pipeline, and the diameter of the check valve and pipeline should be equal to the outlet diameter of Roots blower.

I believe that after reading the above contents, you should also have a basic understanding of Roots blower installation and adjustment. I hope it will help you.

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