Roots blower used in mine material transportation

Roots blower consists of two parts: impeller and shell. The impeller is embedded in the impeller shaft and impeller shaft, which is composed of driven shaft and drive shaft. Each shaft has an impeller, and each impeller has three blades connected to each other, called three blades. The drive shaft and driven shaft are fixed for rotation and compression through the engagement of bearings and gears. The impeller is made of precision CNC planer. There is a certain distance between the two impellers, but they complement each other. Relatively speaking, there is also a certain distance between the impeller and the shell, so the rotary compression produces clean air.

Roots blower structure

Roots blower parameter analysis:

The air volume of Roots blower is usually expressed in cubic meters per minute (m3 / min). Even if the displacement of fan per minute, the letter of air volume is QS. The pressure unit of the fan is several thousand kilogram (kPa), and the quantity per square kilogram is equal to the quantity per square kilogram. In sewage treatment, the pressure is generally several meters. The two values of air volume and pressure of the fan are known. The model of Roots blower and the power of motor can be selected.

Roots blower can be said to be a general-purpose machine, which is used in many industries. Roots blower is generally used in sewage treatment, environmental protection, mining, petrochemical, cement, casting, food, medicine, papermaking, pneumatic conveying, powder particle transportation, fertilizer, building materials, power, coal, aquaculture and many other industries.

Roots blowers

Roots blower used in mines:

It is usually used for mine ventilation and flotation of ore minerals in mine. Powder transportation is usually carried out by assembling roots blower into a simple system that can transport materials. The high pressure of Roots blower can transport materials to the required position through pipes, and the high pressure generated by roots blower is used to transport materials. To the upper km of the warehouse, reduce the loss of manpower.

In the food industry, the vacuum packaging system of Roots blower is used in food packaging, such as millet beans, which is the main creative application of food industry packaging. The anti mechanical pressure of vacuum packaging can reduce impact and promote long-distance transportation and sales.

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