Roots Pumps for medium vacuum applications

Roots pump intelligent energy saving

Compared with traditional roots pumps, maintenance and energy costs are reduced by more than 50%, according to the manufacturer. This is due to the special rotor geometry of the drive and pump with energy efficiency class IE4.

The concept of sealing also contributes to this. The maximum overall leakage rate of the pump and atmosphere is 1.10-6   PA m 3 / s. Dynamic seals are eliminated, so maintenance is only required every four years. Even at ambient temperatures up to + 40 ° C, the pump can be operated with flexible air cooling, so there is no need for costly water cooling. Hi lobe’s intelligent interface technology can well adapt to and monitor the process. This promotes the expected efficiency. By integrating this state monitoring, information about the state of the vacuum system can always be obtained. In addition, condition monitoring improves system availability, enabling users to plan maintenance and repair actions in a useful and anticipated manner and preventing costly production outages. These advantages extend service life and provide maximum operational safety, the company said. According to its applicability to the existing system, the vacuum pump can be vertically or horizontally aligned. In this way, the maximum pumping speed can be achieved, and the space can be used more effectively in the production site of customers.

Series for all low and medium vacuum applications

Roots pump can be through different pump speed and model to perfectly meet the specific needs of customers. These types of vacuum pumps require a back-up vacuum pump suitable for application and regulated according to the gas flow. On the contrary, special for high pressure difference can also be used as a powerful auxiliary vacuum pump to resist atmospheric pressure with high pumping speed.

The gearbox and bearing of roots pump are separated from the gas pump chamber. The non friction suction of the blade ensures dry operation. Therefore, these vacuum pumps are very suitable for low or medium vacuum applications and are often used for:

The process of discharging explosive gases or being used in an explosive atmosphere. Due to extensive testing and standardized magnetic coupling, this series of products can meet the strict explosion-proof requirements.

Roots Pumps for medium vacuum applications

Roots Pumps for medium vacuum applications

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