Roots vacuum pump in sterilization equipment

There are many kinds of modern disinfection and sterilization equipment, which adopt various sterilization methods and principles to meet the requirements of different occasions and for disinfection and sterilization. In a variety of sterilization equipment, the common equipment that uses vacuum application to help disinfection and sterilization is the “pulsating vacuum sterilization cabinet” and “plasma sterilizer” just mentioned. Analyze the practical application of Roots vacuum pump in sterilization and disinfection equipment.

Pulsating vacuum sterilizer and plasma sterilizer have their own characteristics and limitations. Pulsating vacuum sterilizer uses high-pressure steam and vacuum to effectively kill bacteria and microorganisms. However, hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilization is often used for some heat sensitive equipment that is not resistant to humidity and high temperature.

According to the above situation, what are the advantages of Roots vacuum pump in sterilization and disinfection equipment?

Roots vacuum pump is suitable for all kinds of medium and low vacuum use roots vacuum pump. Roots vacuum pump is a kind of oil-free vacuum pump, which needs to be used in combination with the previous stage pump. It is suitable for all coarse vacuum and high vacuum applications requiring large suction capacity. This kind of enhanced vacuum pump greatly improves the output of the front stage pump.

The features of Roots vacuum pump are: quick start, low power consumption, low operation and maintenance cost, large pumping speed and high efficiency. It is not sensitive to a small amount of water vapor and dust contained in the extracted gas. It has a large pumping speed within the pressure range of 100-1 PA, and can quickly remove the suddenly released gas. This pressure range is just between the oil sealed mechanical vacuum pump and the diffusion pump. Therefore, it is often connected in series between the diffusion pump and the oil sealed mechanical vacuum pump, which is used to improve the pumping capacity of the intermediate pressure range. At this time it is also known as a mechanical booster pump.

Roots vacuum pump is widely used in smelting, degassing and rolling in vacuum metallurgy, vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration and vacuum drying in chemical, food and pharmaceutical industries. Vacuum pump accessories for vacuum pump noise control, vacuum pump muffler.


The application of Roots vacuum pump in sterilization and disinfection equipment is mainly reflected in:

1、Roots vacuum pump in sterilization:

The vacuum application of the whole pulsation sterilization cabinet in the operation process is mainly divided into two parts: the first part is the pulsation pre vacuum process. The vacuum pump will extract the air in the sterilization room many times before sterilization, then fill it with steam, and then vacuumize it many times. Generally, it needs to extract the air 3-6 times before sterilization to make the vacuum degree in the cavity reach -0.08 ~ -0.09mpa.

The second part is the vacuum dehumidification drying process, which is to remove the high-temperature steam in the sterilization room after the completion of high-pressure steam sterilization to ensure that the sterilized articles are dry and clean.

2、Roots vacuum pump in sterilization cabinet:

According to the actual chamber sizes of various pulsating vacuum sterilization cabinets, roots vacuum pump can be used. Because the chamber is full of a large number of high-pressure water vapor in the whole sterilization process, a set of cold and hot separation device needs to be equipped to separate the water vapor before the gas in the sterilization chamber is pumped to the vacuum pump, and the separated water can be returned to the steam generator.

3、 Roots vacuum pump in hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer vacuum application:

The vacuum application of hydrogen peroxide plasma sterilizer is mainly used in the pre vacuum stage before sterilization and the repeated vacuumizing application to help hydrogen peroxide vacuum sublimation in the sterilization process. The required limit vacuum is generally 0.5mbar.

High pressure steam is still the most efficient sterilization method at present, and vacuum can help steam better penetrate the sterilized goods, so that the sterilization effect and speed are greatly improved. Roots vacuum pump is used in the process of “pulsating vacuum sterilizer” and “plasma sterilizer”, which maximizes the efficiency of Roots vacuum pump. Therefore, the practical application of Roots vacuum pump in sterilization equipment is very important, which can improve the sterilization effect.

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