Vacuum Pump System in Plastic Disk Packaging

The central vacuum pump system is applied to the vacuum packaging machine of fresh food in various glass bottled products and plastic discs. Compared with the vacuum technology used before, it is more economical and practical, and the energy consumption per unit has been reduced by more than 70%.

Vacuum Pump System in Plastic Disk Packaging

Fresh products should be packaged in plastic plates. In this process, the air should be sucked out from the packing tray, and then the CO2 N2 protective mixture gas should be filled into the packaging. Then, the packaging is airtight sealed with synthetic foil, followed by a plastic cover. By vacuuming and filling protective gases, such packaging can ensure that the oxygen content is below 1%. This will significantly improve the shelf life of the product. In addition, transparent packaging is the best way to show the product, because foil is not directly attached to the product, and foil will not even crush the product because of the negative pressure in the packaging.

In order to provide a more reliable and effective solution, after careful analysis and extensive consultation, the proposed solution is to install a central vacuum system with four claw vacuum pumps.

The fundamental advantage of this system is that no working fluid such as oil is needed in the compression chamber. In this way, all maintenance work does not have to deal with oil; for example, oil inspection, oil change, oil filter replacement, as well as oil and filter procurement and waste disposal costs are omitted. Claw vacuum pump also uses non-contact operation. This means that the parts in the compression chamber will not wear out due to mechanical contact. This makes replacement of worn parts and related working hours and costs unnecessary. The non-contact operation mode of claw vacuum technology also provides super-high efficiency, and the required motor power is lower than that of traditional vacuum pump.

The vacuum pump in the central vacuum system has a perfect control system, and only the vacuum pump that needs to meet the actual vacuum requirements can run.

Two vacuum pumps equipped with standard motors are responsible for the basic load. The other two vacuum pumps are controlled by frequency modulation, which ensures fine regulation of vacuum demand by adjusting speed. With this intelligent solution, the pumping speed of the central vacuum system can be accurately adjusted according to the current requirements.

These control devices can significantly reduce the actual operation time of each vacuum pump, because during normal operation, four vacuum pumps do not need full load operation. In this way, the central vacuum system can have sufficient energy storage to connect more packaging machines.

Vacuum Pump System in Plastic Disk Packaging

CVS Centre Vacuum System

Size Speed(m3/h) Vacuum pump Pumpquantity Pressure(MPA) Vacuum tank(m3)
CVS-1X010 10 SV-010 1pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X020 20 SV-020 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X025 25 SV-025 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X040 40 SV-040 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X063 63 SV-063 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X100 100 SV-100 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.2
CVS-1X160 160 SV-160 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.3-2
CVS-1X250 250 SV-250 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.3-2
CVS-1X300 300 SV-300 1 pcs 0~-0.1 0.3-2
CVS-2X010 20 SV-010 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.3
CVS-2X020 40 SV-020 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.3
CVS-2X025 50 SV-025 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-0.3
CVS-2X040 80 SV-040 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.06-1
CVS-2X063 126 SV-063 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.3-2
CVS-2X100 200 SV-100 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.3-2
CVS-2X160 320 SV-160 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2
CVS-2X250 500 SV-250 2 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2
CVS-3X100 100 SV-100 3 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2
CVS-3X160 480 SV-160 3 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2
CVS-3X250 750 SV-250 3 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2
CVS-3X300 900 SV-300 3 pcs 0~-0.1 0.5-2
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