Air compressors for aerospace industry

Compressors aerospace

Aviation is the largest and most demanding manufacturing industry in the world. Their business is to design, manufacture and maintain aircraft and satellites. Security matters. We know how important safety and reliability are to aviation. Because of this, we provide compressors to meet a wide range of flow and pressure requirements with clean, oil-free air for wind tunnel and turbine testing, as well as a set of highly reliable and high-performance pneumatic tools.

Oil free process air compressor

There are unique advantages in the field of oil-free compressor: rich experience, successful application of more than 2000 compressors and more than 100000 hours of continuous trouble free operation record, all of which show the excellent quality of man diesel engine and turbine oil-free screw compressor.

The process gas compressor is stable and reliable, with a minimum suction flow of 200 m3 / h, a maximum suction flow of 100000 m3 / h, a minimum suction pressure of 0.1 bar and an exhaust pressure of up to 50 bar. It can be used for the treatment of highly polluting gases and gas mixtures that affect the service life of other compressors. The large fluctuation of gas composition and related molecular weight will not affect the mechanical performance of screw compressor. A relatively low impeller speed can not only compress the dusty gas, but also spray liquid into the compression chamber for cooling and washing.

Various shaft seal components are also provided, so that the process gas compressor can meet the requirements of various application environments. Modular design can fully meet the user’s various application requirements and space requirements.

Air compressor products features and advantages

High firmness and availability
Excellent part load performance
Suitable for liquid injection
No contact between lubricant and process gas

Air compressors for aerospace industry

Air compressors for aerospace industry

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