Roots vacuum pump in transportation and storage

(1) temperature crude oil the crude oil extracted from the reservoir is always accompanied by different quantities of low-molecular weight hydrocarbon gases such as methane, ethane, propane and hydrogen sulfide, which must be removed before storage and distillation to stabilize the crude oil. At the same time, the components of aviation gasoline taken away by the volatilization of low molecular hydrocarbon gas, especially their isomers (hydrocarbons with high seismic performance in tender materials) can be recovered and utilized. In order to reduce the excessive loss of crude oil in the process of storage and transportation, stabilize the composition of crude oil and gasoline products, and change the composition of distillate not easily in storage, large vacuum crude oil stabilization devices have been established in some foreign oil fields to degas crude oil in the vacuum degree of 310-350mmhg to achieve the purpose of stabilizing crude oil.

(2) separated vacuum cooling for the crude oil of propane and butane in the atmospheric flow easily stored, in the past by deep freezing method to make its liquefaction, but at present there are many foreign manufacturers by vacuum cooling, the frozen part of the propane evaporation under vacuum, can easily get lower than a 48 ℃ low temperature, and then put the propane and butane in – 48 ℃ and 10 ℃ respectively under the low temperature of liquid, canning storage or transport.

(3) when the air in the oil tank is discharged without the stable crude oil being put into the storage tank, a large amount of loss will be caused when the oil tank “breathes” due to the volatilization of the light component. If the tank is evacuated with a vacuum, LPG (propane and butane) and LNG (methane and ethane) can be removed, recovered and used.

Roots vacuum pump in transportation and storage

Roots vacuum pump emergency treatment

Roots vacuum pump in normal operation, hard to avoid can have some trouble and emergencies, this time, we need to master some emergency measures, this needs for operation personnel with professional strain capacity and excellent processing method, then the next small make up to tell you the normal work of the emergency treatment time, suddenly found that the roots vacuum pump leakage, such as the leak point can be found, immediately shall be sealed by the vacuum cement leakage points, to stay after the completion of the work, do it again. Cut off water and electricity at high temperature. Vacuum equipment is afraid of high temperature water, power off. Therefore, the user shall try to install the equipment with a spare water tank or connected with a tap pipe. Replace the inflatable cylinder. When the air cylinder used for roots vacuum pump needs to be replaced, remove the pressure stabilizer valve and replace it with a new bottle of air. Please pay attention to the installation of air leakage. Keep the equipment clean after working for a period of time.
Roots vacuum pump in dealing with the emergency fault, must be timely response measures, when necessary, the need to stop for maintenance work carefully, to ensure the safety of the equipment the roots vacuum pump is in commonly used, need to configure the backing pump, pumping speed and vacuum effect, therefore, in order to be able to better grasp the method, then we will need to be used, and cannot be used alone, then we will carefully for your detailed introduction.

Working conditions: the starting of roots vacuum pump must wait until the allowable starting pressure of roots pump is reached by the front stage pump. If it is started directly or fails to meet the requirement of air pressure, the pump load will be too large and the motor will be burnt out. The starting pressure of roots vacuum pump is about 1.5 times of the maximum differential pressure. For example, if the maximum pressure difference of ZJ150 is 6000pa=60mbar, the starting pressure of ZJ150 is only started when the water ring pump pumps the system pressure to 90mbar. Roots vacuum pump only cooperate with each other, can play a good effect, so in order to master the method, we must know how to deal with, so as to better improve the efficiency and quality of its work, so that we can pay special attention to, especially the operation method.

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