rotary vane vacuum pump using please pay attention to 3 points

When using rotary vane vacuum pump, please pay attention to 3 points.

Rotary vane vacuum pump is mainly composed of pump body, rotor, rotor, end cover, spring and so on. The outer circle of the rotor is tangent to the inner surface of the pump chamber (there is a small gap between them). When the rotor rotates, the rotating blade can slide back and forth along its radial groove, and always contact with the inner wall of the pump shell. The rotating blade and the rotor rotate together, and the vacuum pump cavity can be divided into several variable volumes.

rotary vane vacuum pump using please pay attention to 3 points

1. Before using the rotary vane vacuum pump, please ensure that the pump is clean and prevent foreign matters from entering the pump. Check the oil level and fill the oil to the center of the oil standard when the pump is stopped. If it is too low, it will not seal the exhaust valve and affect the vacuum. If it is too high, it will cause fuel injection when the atmosphere starts. During operation, it is normal for the oil level to rise. This oil uses the specified grade of clean vacuum pump oil and is added from the oil filling hole. After filling, screw the plug tightly. The oil should be filtered to prevent debris from entering and blocking the oil holes. Add oil to vacuum pump oil according to the proportion of oil standard. Turn the three-way valve so that the pump suction pipe to the atmosphere, but isolated from the evacuated container, and then open the exhaust port.

2. Do not use vacuum pump to remove oxygen, explosive and corrosive gases. In addition, it is not suitable for inhalation of gases that may react with pump oil and gases containing a large amount of water vapor.

3. When the ambient temperature is too high, the oil temperature will increase, the viscosity will decrease, and the saturated vapor pressure will increase, which will lead to the decrease of the limit vacuum degree, especially the total pressure measured by thermocouple instrument. If the ventilation and heat dissipation are enhanced, or the performance of pump oil is improved, the limit vacuum can be improved.

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