Roots vacuum pump system cooling device explained

Roots vacuum pump system cooling device explained

In order to use a product better, we need to have a comprehensive understanding of it. The roots vacuum pump system is the same. Then we will introduce the cooling device of Roots vacuum pump system to you. You can read it carefully, which will help us to understand and use this product.

1. Air cooling: the roots vacuum pump system generates heat due to the delivery and compression of gas, which must be delivered from the rotor to the housing. However, at low pressure, the heat conduction and convection performance of the gas is very poor, which makes the heat absorbed by the rotor difficult to escape, so that the temperature of the rotor is always higher than the temperature of the shell. Due to the thermal expansion of the rotor, the clearance between the rotor and the rotor, and between the rotor and the pump housing is reduced. Especially in the case of large pressure difference, it is very serious, and even causes the rotor to be stuck and damage the vacuum pump. In order to make roots vacuum pump work under high differential pressure, expand the scope of use of vacuum pump, and improve the reliability of vacuum pump, it is necessary to try to dissipate the heat generated by the rotor, that is, to cool the rotor.

2. Internal cooling of rotor: in order to make roots vacuum pump work under high differential pressure, a more effective cooling method can be adopted, that is, cooling the rotor with circulating oil, inserting oil holes and oil diameter shaft heads at both ends of the pump shaft, and then di. Pass through the inner wall of the rotor from the other end. Cooling oil not only cools the rotor, but also lubricates the gears and bearings. This cooling effect is better. When the vacuum pump is running, the rotor temperature is lower than the pump casing temperature. This method is often used in large pumps. For example, the rotor temperature of Roots vacuum pump is 78 degrees lower than that of the pump case when it works at 80 Torr differential pressure. It is also found that when the load of vacuum pump is heavy, the clearance is large. This is because the rotor is cooled by oil and the temperature is lower than the shell temperature. The larger the load, the larger the shell expansion, the larger the shaft spacing and the larger the clearance.

3. Rotor oil film cooling: this cooling method is to connect an oil pipe at the inlet of Roots vacuum pump, and use uniform cooling oil drop to take away the heat of rotor. The oil passes through the filter and cooler, through the well sealed oil pump, and then through the pipeline, the oil is sent to the inlet of the vacuum pump. When the oil drops reach the rotor, the oil drops are evenly distributed on the rotor surface as the rotor rotates. This not only takes away the heat of the rotor, but also forms an oil film on the surface of the two rotors, which prevents the gas from flowing back, and also takes away the fine dust attached to the rotor surface. An oil tank is arranged at the outlet of the pump to collect waste oil, which is filtered, cooled and recycled. This method is very effective. However, due to the oil in the vacuum pump, the vacuum system of roots pump has lost the characteristics of no oil vapor pollution. In addition, the lubricant has a certain viscosity, which adds a lot of friction to the rotor of the high-speed rotary roots pump, of course, also increases the power consumption of the vacuum pump.


The above is the introduction of the cooling device of Roots vacuum pump system. I hope it can help you.


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