Rotary vane vacuum pump applied in vacuum package industry

For packaging technology, How vacuum technology to be applied?

Usually, vacuum plays a key role in packaging processes and packaging production. Vacuum technology enables efficient and accurate packaging, thermoforming and coating. In addition, vacuum technology can be used to move, transport, unpack and seal. During the packaging process, the items to be packaged can also be fed and embedded by vacuum.

The process of vacuum packaging and fresh-keeping is to put the food into a special plastic bag, use the rotary vane vacuum pump to suction away the gas in the bag, and then heat the packaged air outlet. After the gas in the bag is suctioned away, vacuum environment is created in the bag, which is characterized by low oxygen partial pressure and low water vapor content; it is beneficial for the gas or other volatile gas inside the food to diffuse into the space. The rotary vane vacuum pump for packaging and fresh-keeping process using these three characteristics to preserve food. Fresh food uses MAP (gas-conditioning packaging technology) to maintain the appearance, freshness and taste of the food.

The basic life processes of microorganisms are nutrition and breathing. Breathing oxygen is a biological oxidation process that, in turn, releases the energy necessary for microbes to carry out life activities. The microbial respiration process, which is the oxidation process of food. In the case of glucose, oxidizing one gram of glucose can release 2.8 x 106 calories, which can be used to sustain life. In addition to dairy products, proteins, organic acids, alcohols and fats can be used as an oxide in the respiratory process of bacteria to sustain life. In a vacuum environment, the oxygen partial pressure in the packaging bag is lowered, and in this anoxic environment, the growth sensitization of mold and aerobic bacteria is effectively suppressed. It is generally believed that mold does not multiply in an environment where the oxygen content is less than 0.5% to 1.0%.

It can be seen that the rotary vane vacuum pump package has a preventive effect on microbial-induced corruption. In addition, the partial pressure of oxygen is lowered, and the pigment can be protected from oxidation, so that the food remains in the original color.

Shanghai EVP SV series rotary vane vacuum pump is the most ideal vacuum acquisition equipment in the field of vacuum packaging. This series of vacuum pumps uses the proven principle of rotary vane and is considered to be “the leader in packaging vacuum pumps”.

The following are some picture of our SV rotary vane pump used with vacuum package machine:

SV Rotary vane vacuum pump

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