Rotary vane vacuum pump for meat processing plants

The specific application of rotary vane vacuum pump in meat processing plant

The specific application of rotary vacuum pump in meat packing plant is a new packaging concept. With the increasing improvement of people’s living standards, people’s needs for meat products are more and more diversified. People no longer meet the requirements of simple meat products, but constantly develop a variety of meat products. Existing technologies include various vacuum-packed meat products, such as sausages, cans and so on. But a common problem with such foods is that they are either Fried or loaded with additives, which is relatively unhealthy. In view of the problems and deficiencies in existing technologies, a processing method of vacuum-packed meat products is provided. The meat products produced by this method have good taste and are relatively healthy without adding food additives.

Rotary vane vacuum pump for meat processing plants

The correct selection of the single stage rotary vacuum pump generator system substantially affects the operational reliability and economic efficiency of the packaging process.

There are many vacuum supply options, depending on the plant’s planning and the volume of production touched. These alternative plans are explained below and are worth considering in order to find the best solution in terms of skills and cost effectiveness.

The spin vacuum packaging of meat and sausage products provides a fundamental advantage: eliminating the air in the packaging significantly reduces the oxygen content, slows down the activity of bacteria that need oxygen, and then significantly extends the shelf life. In addition, vacuum packaging is hygienic and enables products to be presented in an attractive manner. There are a wide variety of vacuum packaging machines on the market, which means that suitable packaging machines can be found for all packaging requirements. Regardless of their program or size, these packagers have one thing in common: for all machines, a vacuum must occur to meet the requirements of vacuum packing. This can be achieved by integrated or independent rotary vane vacuum pumps.

In general, the vacuum pump can be integrated or independently installed in the vicinity of any vacuum packager – whether vacuum chamber packager, pallet sealer or thermoforming packager. The rotary vacuum pump is simply designed for this purpose.

As an integrated packaging concept, rotary vacuum pump is an important part of modern meat and sausage production. This is why innovative meat processors continue to optimize their production process and integrate their packaging lines into the process in the best way possible. The oil-lubricated vane vacuum pump is the first vacuum pump in the vacuum field due to its consistent durability and operational reliability.

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