Screw pump in vacuum reaction sintering furnace advantage

Rotary vane pump and dry screw pump are the common vacuum pump in the market. Here I make a comparison with the application of screw pump and rotary vane vacuum pump in vacuum reaction sintering furnace.

Rotary vane vacuum pump

Rotary vane vacuum pump: Needs oil for working, easy backflow in the work, After the condensable gas is liquefied, which will reduce the vacuum degree of the vacuum pump.

Needing to replace the vacuum oil and internal parts regularly, the maintenance costs are high.

Dry screw pump

Dry screw pump: no oil for working, clean vacuum environment, no backflow and maintenance free.

Relying on the advantages of no oil, clean operation and and maintenance free, dry screw pump in some fields gradually replace the rotary vane pump as the backing pump, such as the application in the treatment of phenolic resin.

Due to the limitation of the oil seal rotary vane pump, once the resin enters the chamber in the form of particles, it will bond with the oil and lead to the vacuum drop. With the simple and fine design, the dry screw pump can perfectly avoid these problems, in addition, our company install the automatic cleaning advice in the screw pump, before the end of the operation of the pump to clean the pump cavity.

Using the dry pump can significantly reduce the maintenance and save the maintenance cost; More durable, no medium operation characteristics can effectively improve the product quality.

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