Screw vacuum pump in ABS plastic raw material

ABS process

ABS resin is a kind of thermoplastic engineering plastics between general plastics and high-performance engineering plastics, which is widely used in household appliances, IT industry, building materials, automobile industry and other fields. Because ABS technology contains poisonous acrylonitrile medium, tai ho use secondary roots liquid ring vacuum pump unit, roots pump and mechanical seal, using labyrinth seal liquid ring pump adopts double mechanical seal and configuration PLAN 53 rinse solution, vacuum pump system can monitor online process gas leak, ensuring safe and reliable operation of the process.

The screw vacuum pump used in ABS process

Screw vacuum pump in ABS plastic raw material

Screw vacuum pump is similar to screw tightening machine. The working process of screw dry vacuum pump can be divided into three processes: suction, tightening and exhaust.

Similar to screw tightening machine, the working process of screw dry vacuum pump can be divided into three processes: suction, tightening and exhaust. As the rotor rotates, each pair of teeth meshing with each other ends the same working cycle.

Suction process:

The positive rotor rotates counterclockwise and the female screw rotates clockwise. The upper end face of the rotor in the figure is the suction section and the lower end face is the exhaust end face.

Austerity process:

Turning to the end face is the exhaust end face. Here, the positive rotor rotates clockwise and the negative rotor rotates counterclockwise. The upper end face of the rotor in the figure is the suction section and the lower end face is the exhaust end face.

Screw vacuum pump of customer feedback

Screw vacuum pump a ABS plastic raw material production of customers, and after a period of use, screw vacuum pump stable limit pressure performance and noise control, etc., was recognized by customers, performance is better than the original Korean vacuum pump products, at the same time after-sales maintenance price is more advantageous.

The customer’s screw vacuum pump is mainly used in ABS plastic material production of harmful gas extraction. Due to the long-term use of the original Korean screw vacuum pump products, on the one hand, the maintenance cost is high, at the same time, the limit pressure can not meet the production demand, the noise performance is not satisfactory. So customers found the screw vacuum pump manufacturers EVP.

Because the customer had been using screw vacuum pump products, so the product characteristics of screw vacuum pump is relatively well understood. Therefore, after several exchanges and understanding of kelexi screw vacuum pump is an independent product and after-sales terms, the customer was satisfied with the related performance of the product, and soon placed an order.

The screw vacuum pump was delivered to the customer as scheduled. After installation and debugging, after a period of time of operation, the customer reported that the ultimate pressure of screw vacuum pump product is better than the original vacuum pump product, the noise control is quite good, the performance is ideal. At the same time the later maintenance cost advantage is obvious. With the development of home-made screw vacuum pump technology, after getting rid of the dependence on imported products, the same products, no matter it is the purchase cost or the later maintenance cost, all make users benefit. Good use of screw vacuum pump in the minds of customers to establish a good brand image, but also for the later stage of more cooperation laid a foundation.

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