Vacuum unit for PVC transparent sheet extrusion

PVC transparent sheet extrusion production of special vacuum units, with high efficiency characteristics, and can save costs. PVC calenderation transparent sheet is one of the main varieties of hard PVC, usually directly with PVC powder production words generally use conical twin-screw extrusion production, with PVC granule material production generally use single screw extrusion production. However, the common problems encountered in the production process are: many bubbles, crystal points, sheet color yellow and so on. In view of these problems, a variety of reasons need to be considered comprehensively to choose the best solution. The recommended solution is the application of vacuum unit in PVC transparent sheet extrusion production. Next, let’s analyze.

Vacuum unit for PVC transparent sheet extrusion

At present, the packaging industry is booming, and plastic packaging has become an indispensable part of our life. The plastic packaging of many toys is stamped from plastic sheets. In the process of plastic board, it is necessary to feed and extrudate plastic or glass particles first. Ordinary extrusion devices are not uniform enough, and the extrusion efficiency is underground. Moreover, if foreign matters are mixed in the devices, it is easy to cause damage to the extrusion devices.

First of all, let’s understand the reasons for the problems encountered in the extrusion production of PVC transparent sheet.

One, the color is yellow

1. PVC itself has poor stability

2. Insufficient stabilizer

3. The temperature controller is out of order

Second, the sheet has small bubbles

1, PVC raw materials in too much water: such as in the summer of cloudy and rainy days, raw materials damp, that is, water may not be fully discharged in the cylinder, heated expansion, and then form bubbles in the sheet.

2. The additive may also contain too much water.

Three, the wafer crystal points exceed the standard, also known as fish eyes

Some PVC resin particles are not plasticized, or plasticized badly. Reasons for formation: PVC resin itself is of poor quality.

Vacuum unit for sheet extrusion molding of characteristics

In plastic processing, also known as extrusion or extrusion, in rubber processing, also known as extrusion. Is refers to the material through the extruder barrel and the role between the screw, the side is thermoplasticized, the side is pushed forward by the screw, continuous through the head and made into a variety of cross section products or semi-products of a processing method.

In the chemical fibre industry, extruders are also used to feed the spinneret for melt spinning. Extrusion is applied to the processing of thermoplastic plastics and rubber, which can be used for batching, granulation, rubber material filtration, etc., and can be used for continuous production, manufacturing all kinds of continuous products such as pipes, profiles, plates (or sheets), films, wire and cable cladding, rubber tire noodles, tube tube, sealing strip, etc., with high production efficiency. In synthetic resin production, the extruder can be used as a reactor for continuous polymerization and molding.

Vacuum unit in PVC transparent sheet extrusion production application, can provide a sheet extrusion production line, reasonable design, no manual, reduce labor intensity, it has simple operation, easy to use, low cost, high production efficiency and energy saving environmental protection, at the same time improve the performance of plastic sheet, reduce the production cost of plastic sheet, plastic sheet production is mostly by multi-layer co-extrusion composite extrusion, it has the advantages of material saving, material diversification, no toxic binder, composite environmental protection requirements and so on.

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