Solenoid vacuum pressure pneumatic valve

The vacuum pump is equipped with solenoid vacuum differential pressure charging valve

Solenoid vacuum differential charging valve solenoid vacuum belt charging valve is a special valve installed on the mechanical vacuum pump. The valve and the pump are connected to the same power supply, and the opening and stopping of the pump directly control the opening and closing of the valve. When the pump stops working or the power supply is suddenly interrupted, the valve can automatically close the vacuum system and fill the air into the pump chamber through the inlet of the pump to avoid the pollution of the vacuum system by the pump oil return flow.

Solenoid vacuum pressure pneumatic valve


Solenoid vacuum pressure pneumatic valve size

Solenoid valve working principle
1. Normally closed type. When current is applied, the solenoid force generated by the solenoid coil is sufficient to lift the moving part (consisting of the magnetic core, the valve stem, and the diaphragm/seals of the upper and lower parts) from the seat to open the valve; When power is cut, the spring force presses the moving part against the seat and the valve closes.
2. Normally open type, opposite to normally closed type.

Vacuum pump equipped with solenoid vacuum differential pressure filling valve solenoid valve features:

1. It can work normally in vacuum, negative pressure and zero pressure, but the diameter is generally not more than 25mm.
2. In zero pressure difference or vacuum, high pressure can also operate, but the power is large, it must be installed horizontally.

EVP company’s main valves are: steam pressure reducing valve, pressure reducing valve, gas pressure reducing valve, adjustable pressure reducing valve, vacuum pump supporting solenoid vacuum differential filling valve suitable for the working medium of air and non-corrosive gas.

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