Roots blower in various industries application

Roots blower has been used in many industries, the most common uses are: chemical smelting, sewage aeration, aquaculture, desulfurization and oxidation, powder transportation, etc. according to the above use, EVP vacuum pump manufacturer will give you a detailed explanation.

1. Roots blower in chemical industry

Roots blower is widely used in chemical industry, which is widely used according to different working conditions, such as conveying chemical raw materials, conveying reaction gas, aeration and mixing, sewage treatment, ventilation and exhaust, gas pressure, pulse dust removal and so on. The pneumatic conveying performance of Roots blower is mostly used.

2. SSR air blowers in sewage treatment industry

In the sewage treatment industry, oxygen is needed to be pumped into the sewage pool for microbial oxidative decomposition. In the sewage treatment industry, roots blower can provide quantitative oxygen according to different water depth and different tonnage of treated water to promote the oxidative decomposition of microorganisms.

SSR air blowers is the core equipment in sewage treatment. The working efficiency of the blower can directly determine the effect of sewage treatment. In order to promote the growth of aerobic microorganisms in biological treatment of sewage, sufficient oxygen must be provided. Aerobic microorganisms can promote the development of metabolism and decompose organic compounds such as suspended solids and nitrogen and phosphorus in sewage.

3. Roots air blower in aquaculture industry

There are great differences in aquaculture industry, and roots blower is mostly used in industrialized aquaculture. For enterprises with large aquaculture area, aeration plates are arranged at the bottom of the pool for industrialized aquaculture. After connecting roots blower, oxygen will be continuously supplied to the pool to improve the oxygen content of the pool.

4. Roots blower in desulfurization and oxidation

In the power plant of desulfurization and oxidation, the flue gas needs to be desulfurized. Desulfurization is operated according to chemical methods. The content of sulfur dioxide in flue gas after chemical reaction will be greatly reduced to meet the emission standard. In this chemical reaction process, sulfur dioxide becomes crystal crystal, and the process needs oxygen oxidation. Therefore, roots blower will be used to provide sufficient oxygen to ensure the efficient operation of chemical reaction.

5. Roots Air blower in powder conveying

Roots blower itself can not transport gas containing a large amount of medium, but can only transport clean air. In powder conveying, it mainly plays the role of providing pneumatic kinetic energy to transport the powder needed to be transported.

As we all know, roots blower is mainly used in sewage treatment, aquaculture, pneumatic conveying, cement, chemical industry, casting, flour and other national economic departments. It is also an indispensable mechanical equipment in living enterprises. The biggest characteristic of Roots blower is that when the pressure is adjusted within the allowable range, the flow rate changes little, and the pressure selection range is wide. The medium does not contain oil during transportation. It has the advantages of simple structure, convenient maintenance, long service life and small vibration.

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