Syrian liquid ring vacuum pump

The Syrian liquid ring vacuum pump can be divided into several types?

Syrian corrosion resistant liquid ring vacuum pump, with strong corrosion resistance, high limit vacuum, large exhaust capacity and so on. Widely used in food, petroleum, chemical and other fields of vacuum, evaporation, filtration, drying, concentration, distillation and vacuum crystallization.

According to the structure of the liquid ring pump, it can be divided into the following types:

(1) single stage single acting ring pump:

Single stage refers to only one impeller, single stage effect refers to the impeller every week, suction, exhaust once. This kind of pump has high limit vacuum, but the pump speed and efficiency are low.

(2) Single-stage double-acting liquid ring pump:

The single stage means that there is only one impeller, and the two stages refer to each revolution of the impeller, the suction, and the exhaust gas per second. Under the same pump speed, the size and weight of the double-acting liquid ring pump is greatly reduced than that of the single-acting liquid ring pump. Because the working chamber is symmetrically distributed on the two sides of the pump hub, the load acting on the rotor is improved. The pumping speed and the efficiency of such a pump are high, but the limit vacuum degree is lower.

(3) two-stage liquid ring pump:

Most of the two-stage liquid ring pumps are single-acting pumps. In essence, two single-stage single-acting liquid ring pump impellers share a mandrel connection. It has the characteristics of high vacuum, fast pumping speed and stable working conditions.

(4) Atmospheric liquid ring pump:

Air liquid ring pump is actually a series of jet liquid ring pump units. The series air pump in front of the liquid ring pump is to improve the vacuum limit and expand the range of use of the pump.

Our EVP syrian liquid ring vacuum pump is usually the most commonly used in paper mills and sugar mills. Then the application of liquid ring vacuum pump in paper mill is introduced.

Syrian liquid ring vacuum pump

Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump in Paper making of Common Faults and Solutions

A single stage liquid ring vacuum pump is a commonly used vacuum pump for providing full range of vacuum capability in a paper mill. The modern paper machine uses vacuum assisted dehydration, so the vacuum system is an important part of the paper machine.

With the development of acid papermaking to neutral papermaking, the scaling of papermaking liquid ring vacuum pump is a common problem encountered by every papermaking enterprise. Whether it is scaling in the south or north or does not produce scaling, it is a process of scale content, and its influence on paper also gradually appears, so it can not belittle something, and it will have long-term benefits to maintain, control and prevent it at first.

1.Reason for scaling of liquid ring vacuum pump:

(1) effect of water quality: high pH value, hardness

(2) the sealing degree of white water in papermaking is increased, and the content of insoluble matter accumulated in a large number of ions increases.

(3) Large use of packaging

(4) Temperature: The water temperature is raised, and the cold system is not in use.

(5) the possibility of scaling of papermaking liquid ring vacuum pump will be increased because of the lack of regular cleaning and maintenance in the water circulation system.

2.The adverse effect of the liquid ring vacuum pump on the paper making:

(1) The vacuum degree and the air-drawing amount are seriously reduced.

(2) The motor current is increased and the power consumption is increased.

(3) it is often difficult to start the shaft of vacuum pump, the paper making machine is shut down, and the vacuum pump is afraid to stop.

(4) frequent pickling or manual disassembly not only damages the equipment, but also destroys the accuracy of the equipment, resulting in the vacuum can not be formed or the vacuum degree is reduced.

3.Liquid ring vacuum pump solution:

Conventional long-cleaning methods, such as mechanical (scraper, brush) and high-pressure water, chemical cleaning (acid), have many problems, such as the inability to completely remove the scale and other deposits, the vulnerability of the acid-corrosion device, the effect of the residual acid on the metal, and the like. Corrosion or corrosion of the material may result in equipment replacement. In addition, the cleaning liquid is toxic, and a large amount of money is required for wastewater treatment.

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