Vacuum pump in aquaculture

The water treatment in aquaculture mainly includes several aspects: oxygenation, separation (separation of solids and suspended solids), filtration (reduction of BOD, ammonia nitrogen and nitrite), degassing, disinfection, denitrification and other treatment processes, among which the removal of suspended solids, ammonia nitrogen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide is the main technical difficulty to be solved. In view of the above problems, it is necessary to put forward a kind of water treatment system and method of aquatic product aquaculture. The application of vacuum pump in aquatic product aquaculture can complete the treatment of oxygen, separation, filtration, degassing, disinfection, denitrification, etc. for the water in aquatic product aquaculture, the treated water can be used as recycled water, can also meet the discharge standard and directly discharged into the natural water body, and effectively solve the problem of fresh water The problem of water treatment in the cultivation of live aquatic products.

The water treatment system of the aquatic product culture pool includes the culture pool, the first water pump, the filter, the degassing membrane, the piston vacuum pump, the disinfection pool, the cold and warm water chiller, the air floatation pump, the oxygen filling pipe, the biological filter and the second water pump; the water treatment method of the aquatic product culture pool adopting the treatment system is to increase, separate, filter, degass and eliminate the water in the culture pool The treatment of toxicity and denitrification can improve the survival rate of fresh aquatic outlets, thus reducing the cost of aquaculture and improving the economic benefits. Moreover, the filtered residue and degassed waste gas can be recovered and treated by biofilter, which is more green and environmental friendly. The water discharged after biofilter treatment can be used as recycling water or directly discharged into the natural water body.

Vacuum pump can transport live fish without damage.

Vacuum pump in aquaculture

Vacuum pump application:

It can be widely used in medical equipment, automobile industry, automatic control, printing machinery, packaging machinery, food preservation, aquaculture, water purification treatment, analytical instruments, beauty and health care, advertising production, equipment maintenance, biopharmaceutical, communication electronics, petrochemical industry It is a good choice for those who need pure and environmental vacuum space in industrialized society.

After the impact of vacuum pump on salmon, it was concluded that a short period of low pressure would not cause damage to fish. When fish need to be transferred to sea water cages or harvested to live fish tanks, vacuum or pressure pumps are used. During salmon vacuum pumping, salmon blood is occasionally found in the pumped water. Bloodstains usually come from gills or other injured parts of the body.

The application of vacuum pump in aquaculture mainly deals with the waste in water body, including the residual bait, undigested nutrients and metabolic excreta caused by feeding bait, etc. salmon trout is cultured, 13% protein, 8% fat, 40% carbon hydrate, 17% organic matter, 50% ash powder and 23% dry matter in feed are discharged into water as metabolites by fish, There are not only soluble substances such as ammonia nitrogen, nitrate, nitrite and so on, but also solid and suspended substances. The accumulation of some substances will have physiological and toxic effects on cultured fish. Therefore, it is very important for the health and growth of fresh aquatic products to remove or transform these aquaculture wastes from the water and maintain the water quality.

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