Turbine molecules of use and maintenance

1、 General installation notes:

1. Check whether the molecular pump is damaged during transportation before installation.
2. Open the flange cover plate of the high vacuum end of the pump, and the turbine rotor should rotate flexibly without abnormal phenomenon.
3. The installation environment should meet the technical requirements and vacuum sanitary requirements.
4. Confirm that the protective net has been installed, and make special protective net under special circumstances.
5. Confirm that the lubricating oil has been filled.
6. Installation direction: Oil rope lubrication: vertical and horizontal; oil lubrication: vertical direction + / – 5; grease: any angle

Turbine molecules of use and maintenance.

2、 Oil pool installation

1. Remove oiling
2. Oil quantity control
3. The oil pool is clean and free from particles.
4. Tighten the screws symmetrically.
5. Prevent leakage and reduce “oil black”

3、 Installation of inlet and outlet flange and cooling water

1. Pump inlet: align accessories and tighten symmetrically
2. Pump outlet: prevent dislocation
3. Cooling water: no leakage

4、 Cable installation

1. Align the notch insertion
2. Tighten with nut, insert and screw at the same time
3. Inspection in place

5、 molecular pump of start up

1. Starting conditions: no error in connection, no leakage, cooling, lubrication, vacuum degree
2. Start time
At the same time, start the small system to prevent the front stage pump oil from returning up
Delayed start – if the system volume is too large, start the front stage pump first until the system pressure P = 200Pa, start the molecular pump.

6、 Vibration isolation and impact protection

1. The vibration of the molecular pump is very small and can be directly connected to the pumped system.
2. Impact protection: high speed rotation, small gap, flexible support
Mechanical vibration (pre pumping pump, front stage pump, mechanical action, etc.)
Gas vibration (sudden change of gas volume and pressure)
Accidental vibration (falling foreign matter, collision, etc.)

7: Atmospheric carrier, hot gas and mutation for seven years
Causes: 1. Too high temperature; 2. Deformation of moving and stationary plates; 3. Rotor moving up; 4. Lubrication failure; 5. Bearing failure
Solution: 1. Increase water cooling; 2. Shorten oil change time

8、 Pump does not start
The reasons are: 1. Power failure, please refer to the power supply manual
2. If the connecting cable is blocked, check the connecting cable with an electric meter, and check and make the socket contact well.

9、 The rated speed can not be reached or stopped after long time starting
Causes: 1. Leakage of the system; 2. Too high pressure of the front stage; 3. Wrong steering; 4. Lubricating oil failure; 5. Bearing damage

10、 Large vibration and noise
Causes and solutions:
1. Insufficient or contaminated lubricating oil
2. Resonance: the assembly position and connection size should be changed, and the movable parts should be fixed or vibration damping rubber pad should be added
3. Dynamic balance damage: test run the pump separately, but the vibration and noise are still very large, so it should be sent back for repair.
4. Bearing damage: check whether the rotation of the rotor is flexible and whether there is heavy stagnation. If the bearing is damaged, repair it and replace the bearing.

11、 Low vacuum
1. Front stage air leakage 2. Front stage pump too small 3. High vacuum leakage 4. Large gas output of gauge tube 5. The previous vacuum pumps work abnormally

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