water ring vacuum pump impeller damage causes

Water ring vacuum pump is a kind of vacuum extraction device, which has been applied in industry and agriculture. In order to make the equipment operate better, we must pay attention to the use specifications when using it, and its regular maintenance is also very important, especially the use and maintenance of important parts. The impeller of the equipment is a core part of it. What are the forms and causes of its damage?

water ring vacuum pump impeller

The damage types of water ring vacuum pump blades are mainly blade damage, blade crack, blade corrosion or cavitation.

1. Blade break

It is mainly due to the solid hard block stuck in the water ring vacuum pump, such as metal block, gravel, etc. When the impeller is rotating, it is hit on the solid hard block or stuck by the solid hard block to break the blade. In addition, due to the stress concentration at the root of the blade, the fatigue damage caused by the air and liquid pressure in the small cavity of the pump. The damaged impeller should be replaced in time, the cause should be found out, and the corresponding measures should be taken.

2. Blade crack

Generally, it occurs at the root of blade. Most of them are fatigue cracks, and some of them are caused by the large difference between the design blade and the hub of the water ring vacuum pump impeller. The cracked impeller shall be replaced to avoid blade fracture and accident.

3. Blade abrasion

If the impeller suffers from corrosion due to the transportation of corrosive gas or liquid, or the liquid ring contains solid impurities and is damaged due to friction with the impeller surface, or the impeller is damaged due to cavitation, it shall be replaced if the damage is serious. If the damage is not serious, it can be repaired by repair welding. During repair welding, the impeller can be heated to 600 ℃, and then repair welding can be carried out. If the size of the blade gun increases after repair welding, it must be processed to the original size with a file or on a lathe, otherwise the original performance of the water ring vacuum pump will be affected.


That is to say, in order to better avoid damage to the impeller of water ring vacuum pump, first of all, the water quality shall be screened, and the hard block shall not be sucked into the pump body at any time; secondly, the working time of the equipment shall be paid attention to, and its fatigue operation shall be avoided as far as possible; corrosive gas, liquid, etc. shall not enter the equipment. If the fault has appeared, we should deal with it in time and take corresponding measures to solve it.

If the service life of water ring vacuum pump is longer, stainless steel water ring vacuum pump is recommended. In addition, if the environment is inflammable and explosive or the extracted gas is inflammable and explosive, explosion-proof vacuum pump is recommended.

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