Vacuum booster pump manufacturer

Vacuum booster pump manufacturer of vacuum equipment, widely used in solar and led industry, is also a semiconductor, flat panel display, solar battery, power, glass and other coating application, steel and other metallurgical, pharmaceutical and chemical manufacturing process of an indispensable part of the vacuum booster pump manufacturer is a leading developer and producer, providing precise vacuum pump system products, solutions and related value-added services.

Vacuum booster pump manufacturer

Vacuum booster pump summary:

Mechanical booster pumps, based on simple roots pump principles, are still very popular and can be used in the pressure range of 0.01 to 10 mbar where high pumping speed is required. The pump must always be preceded by another pump providing a difference in pressure with respect to atmospheric pressure.

The mechanical booster pump works at relatively low pressure and is not exposed to corrosive process media of the same concentration as the previous stage pump, so it is highly reliable.

Vacuum booster pump of six features:

1. Precision helical gear and precision coupling are adopted to ensure the smooth running of the pump and the accuracy of power transmission, so the running noise is extremely low;

2. Select all imported (SKF) high-strength, high-resistance side force precision bearing, and good lubrication, can greatly improve the service life of the pump;

3. Due to the strict control of the interrotor and the clearance between the rotor and the pump body, there is no friction between the moving parts inside the pump chamber;

4. There is no oil lubrication in the pump chamber to ensure the drying of the pump chamber;

5. All flange parts are used “ O” Type I sealing ring seal replace organic silicone rubber surface seal, thus more convenient maintenance;

6. Internal bypass valve allows roots vacuum pump and front vacuum pump to start almost simultaneously under atmospheric conditions to shorten the pumping time.

Vacuum booster pump features and advantages:

Suitable for high pumping speed applications requiring over 3000 m3h1/1776 ft3min-1 under pressure range of 0.01 to 50 mbar/0.0075 to 37.5 Torr.

It can show higher reliability in a relatively low pressure environment.

EH pump has high quality non – oil pump delivery machinery. This may provide:

Quiet vibration-free operation.

Strong and corrosion-proof.

Advanced shaft sealing technology, no oil pollution in the tank

Anticorrosive pumping mechanism is made of high grade cast iron.

Proven shaft seal arrangement ensures no oil entering the pumped stator and minimizes maintenance requirements due to the absence of internal and external bypass piping and valves that may corroded or adhere. The design of the shaft seal has been optimized to ensure that lubricant does not enter the pumping mechanism. This maintains the performance of the booster pump in applications requiring the highest level of cleanliness. In addition, this prevents the accumulation of inhaled particles on rotor blades and end faces with very tight tolerances. Dynamically balanced rotors and precision grinding gears help to make the pump run smoothly and noisily, which is exactly what the manufacturers of advanced technology equipment need.

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