Vacuum adsorption pump

Industrial Vacuum Adsorption Pump

Vacuum adsorption pump

Vacuum Adsorption Scroll Pump of Principle:

Special blade design, high pressure, large air volume, low noise, long life. Air volume control has high stability and easy operation.
There are all kinds of styles. Strong insulation performance, easy installation, high reliability, high compression ratio, low bearing operating temperature, oil-free and pollution-free, easy maintenance, beautiful appearance, quality, high pressure and high suction are due to the unique design of the impeller.
The impeller edge of vacuum adsorption pump has many blades. When the impeller rotates, due to centrifugal action, the air in the two blades moves rapidly towards the outer edge, transfers energy, and the wind pressure is superimposed rapidly, thus forming high pressure or high pressure, and its speed is increased.
When air is re-introduced into the impeller by the duct, it will be accelerated again. Because many blades transfer energy, wind pressure is superimposed rapidly, and high pressure or high suction is formed.

Main features of high pressure fan:

1. High efficiency and low energy consumption (high-pressure fan-high-pressure whirlpool pump has a more conservative design in the high pressure range, and can still operate safely when changing in the use situation);
2. Easy installation (can be installed in horizontal or vertical direction at will);
3. High reliability (high-pressure fan has no other moving parts except impeller, almost no maintenance);
4. Low vibration (high mechanical precision of high-pressure scroll fan, very precise balancing design, test, correction and low vibration rate of rotating parts);
5. Low noise (using low noise motor to drive directly, all have built-in muffler to reduce running noise);
6. Structural firmness (air surface made of aluminium alloy and milling alloy is different from general aluminium or iron shell high-pressure air pump, more durable);
7. High environmental performance (no oil, no pollution, calm as water.)
8. Scope of application (high-pressure fan specifications, high pressure and large air volume series, flexible selection);

Shape design features:

1. Compact structure, die-casting of aluminium alloy, light weight, exquisite workmanship and beautiful appearance.
2. Pressure maximum: 74 kPa vacuum maximum: 100 kPa flow rate: 56 m3/min
3. Simple structure, only five main parts: frame, shell, impeller, bearing, motor, cast aluminum alloy impeller and high strength shell, sealed bearing, prevent pollution damage, double chronotype elastic shaft seal, reduce leakage, only one ring chamber unit, prevent thermal damage, adequate impeller support, prevent. Blade breakage, unilateral seal clearance, reduce the blower high temperature operation failure.
4. Oil-free conveying, hydrocarbon-free and absolutely oil-gas-free air supply, meeting the requirements of health care and scientific application, low noise and low temperature rise, single-eddy single-side suction impeller design, lower noise and temperature rise than paddle wheeI design, unique annular design, stable laminar flow state of air flow, low noise of air flow, and aluminum combination. Gold shell, good heat dissipation performance


1. Shell Material: Super-strength die-casting aluminium is used. Die-casting aluminium is the same as Benz’s wheel. Compared with ordinary aluminium alloy, die-casting aluminium is stronger and lighter than iron-shell fan.
2. Motor performance: using broadband, wide voltage motor, included in: single-phase 110V/230V industrial three-phase: 220/380/415/660V, motor frequency can be 45-75HZ frequency modulation, IP55 protection level F insulation level, its advantage is that the domestic motor can not reach the process, favored by domestic and foreign customers.
3. Fan oil seal: using German MERKEL oil seal, German MERKEL (Merkel) material using fluororubber can withstand – 25 C to 300 C. Compared with the general oil seal, the lip edge temperature is higher than the working medium temperature of 20 ~ 50 C, and the performance is more stable, maintenance-free, and the service life is longer.
4. Fan Bearing: The core components are ORS Turkey, Germany SKF, Japan NSK brand bearings, bearing can withstand up to 350 degrees Celsius, 4000 revolutions per minute. For domestic Luoshafts, humanistic bearings, stable performance, low noise, maintenance-free, longer life, can ensure that the fan runs longer.

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