Remanufactured Nash* 2BV Series Pumps

Replacement of existing NASH pumps with the same, certified remanufactured components at a fraction of the cost. Our certified retrofitted liquid ring vacuum pumps can provide you with the desired performance at a lower price than the new model.

What you get with Remanufactured Nash* 2BV Series Pumps:

1.Guaranteed Performance – Our remanufactured pump performance is 95% of the performance of the new pump.

2. warranty – 1 year factory warranty

3.Certified Parts – New Bearings, Packing and Gaskets

4.Reduce downtime – provide many replacement pumps

Emergency replacement and exchange pump

We have more than 60 pumps of various models and configurations, which can be replaced immediately. When we get your equipment back to work, it is used to keep the key system running. Our emergency exchange pump will be delivered within 24 hours.

For less common models that cannot be used immediately, we provide an exchange plan. Please contact us to get the expected delivery time of the replacement pump for your specific model.



Any maintenance. Any service center. You can rest assured that with the latest upgrade of the certified parts, your equipment will resume working status, original design and specifications. Each maintenance is guaranteed with certified performance assurance and manufacturer warranty.

New pump

If your pump can not be repaired, does not contain some newer energy-saving functions, can not be used as a replacement pump or exchange pump and/or maintenance price close to the price of the new pump, we can outline your choice of new products. We will consider your entire process and the pump that best suits your needs. Our most popular pumps can be delivered in two days.

With the support of our many years of professional knowledge of the liquid ring, we will make your pump achieve the best efficiency and performance. The appearance and performance of our Remanufactured Nash* 2BV Series Pumps are the same as those of new products, providing quality and reliability at a lower price.

Contact us

If possible, kindly suggest please your working industry/process, working pressure, working medium, etc. Given detailed request helps to gain better-matched customized solution. Thanks for your patience.

your request will be responsed within 3 hours, kindly pay attention to your email please.


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