Vacuum pump filter

Nowadays, people’s awareness of environmental protection is becoming stronger and stronger. Vacuum pump filter is used in the production process of metallurgy, chemical industry, food and electronic coating industry. Introduce three types of vacuum pump filter, see if there is suitable for your industry.

1、 Vacuum pump oil mist filter

Vacuum pump oil mist filter

Oil mist filter is common in industrial production. It mainly collects oil mist generated by machine tools, machining centers and other industries. It is widely used in cleaning machines, lathes, CNC machining centers, carving and milling machines and other equipment. The oil mist filter can improve the air quality of the workshop to a certain extent.

2、 Vacuum pump inlet filter

Vacuum pump inlet filter

The main function of the air inlet filter is to prevent the solid foreign dust particles from being sucked into the pump chamber of the vacuum pump.

3、 Oil filter

Oil filter

The oil filter is mainly used to filter the impurities in the vacuum pump to ensure the purity of the oil.

The above three types of filters can be used in filters of different industries. We can match the filters according to the customers’ industry, air extraction rate and original brand filters, which completely solves the problems of high price and long delivery time of imported vacuum pump oil mist filters.

Vacuum pump filter is a filter device in vacuum pump, which is an important working part of the filter. The quality of the filter mainly depends on the performance of the filter. So how to maintain and maintain the imported vacuum pump filter?

There are three main filtration methods in the operation of vacuum pump

1. Air filter: it can effectively prevent solid particles and fine ash from being sucked into vacuum pump. Reduce mechanical wear and improve operational reliability. It also effectively protects system components and extends pump life.

2. Exhaust filter: considering the exhaust resistance, dust capacity, oil and gas separation performance, to achieve the best balance. Different materials are used in different internal and external locations to achieve different separation purposes.

3. Oil filter: used for vacuum pump oil filter, extending the service life of oil filter, installed in the oil circuit.

Use and maintenance of vacuum pump filter

1. Loosen the knob bolt to separate the filter housing from the head. Be careful not to lose the rubber sealing ring and fiber washer.

2. Carefully remove the spring and felt washer, and then remove the paper core.

3. Use a brush to remove the dust and foreign matters at the crease of the filter element, and then gently tap it with your hand to make the remaining dust fall, and wipe the dust on the inner wall of the shell and the dust on the dust. Fiber mat.

4. Replace the cleaned or new filter in the reverse order of disassembly

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